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Groovy clubby psy funk


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I'm looking for those benevolent souls out there to reccomend me a number of your favorite trax that would work for a more simple (non psychedelic) dance floors, Somthing more down to earth.


I'm talking simple but good. stuff with less layers of sounds and more minimal i suppose. i guess more prog than psy.




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Guest moongoose

segment-whookys wha

son kite-massive

son kite-air play

shaman-fill and thrills



refeer decree-it did(necton rmx)




maybe some of these trax....check em out they are all good..

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You surely know Cosma and his two great albums : SIMPLICITY, NON STOP...There is stunning Vibrasphere album - LIME STRUCTURE...If you like this kind of style you should also get Atmos two early albums - HEADCLEANER and OVERLAP....Those albums are pure progressive bliss...I cannot recommend you anything minimal since I am not that interested in that genre...Cheerzz...

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haldolium - aint no change

frogacult - snowdropped

vibrasphere - lemon phase


I don´t know, there are so many..

There´s a particular one that fits the exact description of Groovy clubby funk but I can´t remember right now... If I do I´ll post it another time

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