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Emmanuel Top - Asteroid



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Artist: Emmanuel Top

Title: Asteroid

Label: NovaMute

Date: October, 1996


1. Asteroid

2. Industriel

3. Replay

4. Generation

5. Reflex

6. Introduction

7. Development

8. Conclusion








Deceased intact frog primed for dissection. 


Honey Baked Ham.  Delicious.


None of these things could shake me from my catatonic state which was induced by listening to the first half of this album.  Minimal techno that took forever to get nowhere.  This was a ride on a merry go round at a blistering 2mph.  And with the track lengths being what they are every revolution is greeted with a  punch in the nuts by the weird looking ride operator.  Up until Generation came on I wasn't sure this  thing had a f*cking pulse.  The highly detailed cover should be a heads up.


And just cause I woke from my nap doesn't mean this all of a sudden became Hardfloor.  Far from it.  Noisy at times and sounding quite dated.  Yes, worse than Delta Aquarids.   Poking around the interwebs you would think this was Jesus Christ in techno form.  Introduction?  Maybe to some more shut eye. 


If you're a fan of dated minimalist techno then this will probably be perfect for you.  Tastes vary in music of course, but I would be interested in hearing anyone justify having to listen to this again.

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