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2Minds - Anomaly

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Artist: 2Minds

Title: Anomaly

Label: All Records

Date: 2010


1. Eat Dust

2. Anomaly

3. Sun After Clouds

4. Arturia

5. Mind Bender

6. Back In Time

7. 6 Feet Under

8. Before The Digital

9. Muezzin


These 2 brothers are of one mind and that mind has a mission to create psychedelic trance soaked in goa elements.  Their debut album is a great example with layered tracks that don't hover in one place for long.   It's not just full steam ahead and the nuances are quite enjoyable.  Their talent for genre mixing is on full-display and I'm impressed with the atmosphere they create.  The album is a bit of an uneven effort with some filler near the end, but they show good signs of depth and dynamism with their music.  And they got better with their 2nd release Wave Shell.






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