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Flooting Grooves - Monosodium Flootamate (Blue Hour Sounds)


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Blubber    25



1. Zooming out (78 Bpm)

2. The infinite moment (96 Bpm)

3. Bent circuit (112 Bpm)

4. Winged Thoughtforms (120 Bpm)

5. Freak Wincies (128 Bpm)

6. Extreme Groovitude (132 Bpm)

7. Cloudbusters (134 Bpm)

8. ...aaand it's gone (136 Bpm)


If you are familiar with the Flooting Grooves you know what's going on here. Pearce van der Merwe is no simple yeasayer. He likes experiments and confrontation with other artists. He is a groove afficionado and percussion lover. A flute and guitar player, and i think a multi instrumentalist in general. This of course means nothing. But it is a good basement. And something that works out very well here.


The album starts of gentle, stoned beats with organic instrumentation, guest musicians on guitars, percussions and vocals. Constantly evolving themes, evoking beach chillout and spliff. It is getting slowly faster, transforming into progressive territory, giving the whole uplifting touchés but always sprinkled with Flooting Flutes and Groovian Relaxism. The second half is not as remarkable as the first, but all the tracks have room to groove and breathe. They won't hurry, neither make you fall asleep. They offer natural excitement and psychedelic easyness. I see the shpongle-copy-paste accusations but to me these are narrow-minded anti-musical nerd statements anyway. For me, this is sublime chillout music!


I haven't listened to FG's previous output (only few tracks here and there) so i'm never qualified in commenting the artist's musical career and i am curious to know what other people think in comparison to the earlier albums, but honestly i'm pretty sure that it never will have any impact on my own perception of this album as a great companion in my life. Music is always experience in time. If something hits a spot, it maybe back you for a long time.


Blue Hour Sounds







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Drosophila    101

I keep coming back to this release, and it keeps on growing on me. The production value is amazing all sounds are well spaced and all details are crisp and defined, which is makes repeated listens even more value as new details become apparent (to me at least)!

There is a very nice balance between upbeat and "downbeat" tracks/elements on the album, giving it a good overall flow when listing from start to end.

I really liked the previously released albums from Flooting Grooves (on Peak Records) and the self-released mini album (from 2014), but this album does stand out for me! That said, if you like this and haven't heard their previous stuff, you better try it out!!! (hint to Blubber :P)

This album is becoming a new classic for me, highly recommend release!!!


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