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Artist: E-Mantra

Title: Raining Lights

Label: Altar Records

Date: December, 2015


Part I


1. Starlights

2. I Shall Not Care

3. Veiled Clouds

4. Kaleidoscope Clouds (Main Sequence Star Remix)


Part II


5. Gethsemane

6. The Darkest Hours

7. Resurrection

8. Fiat Lux





For me this gif sums up the latest album by our dear Romanian friend Mr. Carpus.  First off let's say that he has been one of the greatest producers of goa trance in the modern era.  His three goa albums not to mention the stuff he did as Eleusyn are some of the most drifting and beautiful goa trance that you will find.  This is his fifth foray into the downtempo/progressive arena and I'm of two minds.  One, it's good music just like his previous efforts with this type of music.  He gets all soundtracky with The Darkest Hour and that is easily my favorite.  And that cow sure seems to dig it.




I think our cup runneth over.  How many times is he going to milk this cow with extremely similar music?  I'll liken this to Cybernetika's recent output.  Yeah his drum n bass sci-fi storytelling is awesome, but he's beating that horse to death.  If he releases another one in that vein I might go to the pet store, buy a cat, and then drive home so I can throw it out the window.


*Mr. Kelly Peta on line one"


"Edith we talked about this.  Say it."


*sigh* "Mr. Fox line one."




"That's better.  Line one you say?"


Look, I can take or leave the progressive tempo stuff and the downbeat is good, but it sounds similar to a lot of his output.  While pleasing to the ear there wasn't anything that made this album a must have and to be honest I think it was the weakest in his catalog.  I mean, I still bought it because I'm a completionist and I have problems, but normal folk may come away from this disappointed.    


Altar Bandcamp



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