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"V/A - Psychedelic Club Trax - Future Sounds of Goa and Trance"


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Artist: Various

Title: Psychedelic Club Trax - Future Sounds of Goa and Trance

Label: Hypnotic

Date: 1997


1. Asbraasia - Whirlpool--Kaos

2. X-Plore - Xemini (Mental Mix)

3. Donut Junkie - Blue

4. Recipe - Capture

5. Aerial Servant - Glockwork 2

6. Latex Empire - Acidchild (LP Edit)

7. Amtraxx - Morphia

8. Bloque - Legoland

9. Moonstalker - Stereoids

10. Mayflyer - Signal 1

11. Hval - Teint





"Man this blows."


"Bullsh*t.  It's got an Indian deity on it.  You know it's good."



Sigh.  You're both right.  In my search for the perfect acid compilation I realize that like goa, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince Tantrance.  So far this one has had the most oomph for which I search.  The opener grabs your attention right away and  Donut Junkie's Blue is a monster.  Just wish it wasn't so short.  Glockwork 2 has some nice 303 snap and bite, but the sound is a little uneven.  Acidchild is groovy, but after that...man some slim pickings.  It's like the album f*cking fell off a cliff.  I mean Signal 1 is a headache inducing speed freak.  And what would an acid compilation be without something completely ridiculous shoved in at the end?


So when I say this one is the best I've heard so far I think it means that it's less packed with annoying, go nowhere, linear, zero creativity crap.  So that's a win.





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