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Androcell - Creatures



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1. Slug Bending Space
2. Lion Breathing Fire
3. Flying Monkeys
4. Frog Pond
5. Purple Aura (Remix)

Tyler Smiths alter ego Androcell returns with a little 5-tracker. 4 new offerings and a remix of one of his earlier tunes.
The output here is slightly different compared to usual Androcell. Of course he brings the dubby chillout atmo. But a lil more twist, more bass and glitch. Creatures as such is entertaining, a breath of spliffy grooves, organic fauna feeling and diverse bass drivery. You won't find too much sameness through the tracks – but also no candidates for the sexiest tune 2016.
A solid release with no surprises...



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On October 8, 2016 at 4:49 PM, healium said:

He should do another Distant System album - that was a truly unique and memorable work..

This site will not allow me to insert an active link with iOS but below is a link to the second DS full-length album.



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