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"V/A - Manga"

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Artist: Various

Title: Manga

Label: Yabai Records

Date: October, 2007


1. Dirty Motion - Daniel

2. Damage - Flipside

3. B-55 - Manga

4. Phatmatix - Don't Get Me Mad

5. Outer Signal & Dapanji - El Diablo

6. Lost & Found - Reflux

7. Azax Syndrom & Shift - How Do You Stop It (Remix)

8. Toxic - Lost In Osaka Remix

9. Tube - Eraze The System





"I just need to ask you this...how do you stop it?"



This is me racing to the sh*tter after a cup of coffee and a banana.


Oh Yabai, where have you gone? In a world where gay people are murdered by other gay people struggling to come to terms with their own identity you are needed now more than ever before. Yabai was a label that was the Asian ying to the South African Timecode yang. Dark full-on with a f*ckton of eerie melodies. Perhaps if you were still around he could've been dancing to music like this instead of shooting people. I'm not blaming Yabai for the recent Orlando, FL massacre, but the world is hurting and we clearly need more great music. And there are some really good tracks from Phatmatix, Lost & Found, and of course the pairing of Shift with Azax.


That said all is not rainbows and unicorns. Some tracks are full of stops and starts, cheesy samples, and build ups.




I'm looking at you El Diablo and Osaka. Overall a good comp with acidic craziness, but it could've been better. I'd link to it, but Yabai has shut down and the only place to find their stuff is on Discogs for ridiculous prices. Save your money, it ain't worth all that.


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