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Anu Katariina

5 Electric gears you would't survive without

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Anu Katariina    326

No musical instrument/gear accepted because all we in this forum would not live too far without them :)..Well..we would in the time of a catastrophy but let's not doom it; this is "normal" circumstances.


My list.


1. electric toothbrush

2. laptop

3. dish washer (no manual dish washing any more, thanks)

4. coffee machine

5. egg boiler (very useful because you can set the time excactly how ripe you want the eggs)


So I left out e.g. refrigerator: It is not a survival thing even tho useful :)

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frozen dream    20

how ripe? :s let us not discuss how ripe we want women :D


1 the lighting

2 laptop

3 cellphone

4 secondary laptop

5 fridge

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