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"V/A - The Mystery of Crystal Worlds - Prologue


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Artist: Various

Title: The Mystery of Crystal Worlds Prologue

Label: Global Sect Music

Date: October, 2015


1. Psy-H Project - Krishna or Maya

2. Morphic Resonance - Outro (Extended Version)

3. Liquid Flow - Event Horizon

4. Celestial Intelligence - Hidden Valley

5. Artifact303 - Delirium (Downward Spiral)




Gettin' all hot and bothered over here!



Like all loyal goa heads I was transfixed when the latest compilation from Global Sect Music was first announced and promptly pre-ordered 2 copies. Like...zero waiting. The track list alone demanded that I do nothing less. Having already released the delicious Space of Power and debut album Dance of Distant Worlds from dark goa producer Psy-H Project it was a foregone conclusion that their 3-CD compilation was going to be a must have. The previews showcased super sounds with some fantastic artwork as they decided to go all out. Not only can you order the album (only goa trance released that was apparently based on a poem), but they're offering t-shirts, posters, backdrops...the whole 9. I was ready to throw my money at them (and I eventually did), but at the time of this writing we had to wait for it to be released.


To tide you over they offer a digital five track taste of what's to come. A prologue if you will. And like the edges of my home made brownies it's f*cking awesome. The aforementioned Psy-H blows the doors off your Renault with a 15 minute bomb of spiritual napalm. Mystic goa trance at the highest state of enlightenment.


Morphic Resonance (debut album just released as if you didn't know) combines goa trance with post apocalyptic atmosphere in a downtempo slog. Lush and powerful it's like Frontline Assembly and Downward Spiral NIN joined forces in an unstoppable Voltron of goa trance. Do you, ah even know what a Voltron is?





The measured journey continues with Liquid Flow that just has me shaking my head. This is a prologue? Sinister and bubbly. Man this is good. Celestial Intelligence picks up the pace and delivers an entrancing, bouncing track while Artifact303 resurfaces to close out this gift with a storming breakbeat track.


This was a free EP when you pre-ordered the Mystery of Crystal Worlds, but unfortunately that ship has sailed. Some might have a problem with forking over 10E for 5 tracks, but the first three tracks are so good that I felt it was worth it. I feel like I'm preaching to the choir here, but you guys probably already have this anyway. Highly recommended!


Global Sect Bandcamp

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