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(Solved 2016-05-04) Please read this if you've recently tried to create an account on Psynews


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So it's come to our attention that the forum is no longer sending out validation emails. Until this is fixed I will be manually sending out emails to new members. However, the forum automatically deletes accounts that don't respond to the validation email after a few days, and since the validation emails weren't being sent for a couple of weeks before we noticed, some new accounts have already been deleted. If you've tried to create an account recently and haven't received an email from me (don't forget to check your spam folder), that probably means yours is one of them. So please try re-registering and hopefully it'll be sorted soon.

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(It's a board reserved to this forum's customers, you can't view it)


The email isn't being sent because Google is now rejecting the HELO message for having "tls://" in it, although in the IPBoard settings the "tls://" is needed to make the connection to Google's server in the first place. May not apply to newer versions of IPS.

==> I patched the forum; emails are sent again :)
Sorry for the delay though.
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