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Ailo - Concepts

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Artist: Ailo

Title: Concepts

Label: Iono Music

Date: November, 2007


1. Chronos

2. You

3. Contribution For A Healthier Mind

4. Subculture

5. Value of Life

6. Mrs. Annoying

7. Vibraless

8. Kiwi

9. Dewdrop

10. Yoohoo (l.u.)

11. Equilibria Etheria





This is smoother than that guy. Beautiful soundscapes on a grand scale with ethereal pads, gentle accompanying sounds, and rich layers. What happened to these guys? This Greek duo released this one album and then disappeared. Did they retire to the wine country and live off the brilliance of their one album? It's mellow and relaxing with nature sounds, dubby bass at times, as well as entrancing feminine wailing. I'd call it singing, but I didn't hear any words. At times cinematic like the opening Chronos and other times quirky and glitchy sounding like Subculture. Value of Life sounds like Bladerunner after a bag of weed while Vibraless invites the listener to smile. Kiwi is downright funky breakbeat,


It's not perfect, but a wonderful album well suited for those days when you're looking to drift away. Shame they only made one.






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