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Everything you need for Psytrance production

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"Summer Psychedelic Trance" is coming to you at 145 Bpm! Get ready to inject some happyness into the dancefloor with this 300+ MB collection of versatile Psytrance tools. Packed with Drums, Basslines, Synths, Pads and FX Loops. Wide selection of colorful ingredients for your next Psytrance tracks.


In detail you get: 20 x Basslines, 30 x Drum Loops, 50 x Synths/Leads, 30 x Pads/Atmos, 20 x FX Loops. Everything is at 145Bpm, 24-bit quality, Key-Labelled for ease of use.


Don't miss this open-air inspired sample collection!


- "Summer Psychedelic Trance" on YouTube:


- More info:






'Progressive Psytrance Bundle' - contains over 1.4GB of Progressive Psy material featuring Drums, Basslines, Synths, FX and Vocals in 24-Bit WAV format.


Also you'll find a soundbank for the Spire VSTi containing 53 presets and a bonus template for Ableton Live, as a free gift. Get loaded with over 600+ sounds and take your Progressive-Psy tracks to the next level.


'Progressive Psytrance Bundle' includes the following products:

- Progressive Psy Academy

- In Trance We Trust

- Tribal Voices By Hideyo Blackmoon

- Psytrance Rave-O-Lution for Spire

- Psytrance Ableton Template by NoizeBusters (Bonus)


More info, demos, bundles and related products:

- http://www.functionloops.com/progressive-psytrance-bundle.html




Enjoy! ;)

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Does the box include: Creativity, Inspiration, and Unique Ideas?!


That would be awesome...

I actually agree.


Out of all the sample packs i've checked out through the years I have never .... ever found one that has amazing samples.

I am talking about the sounds you hear when you listen to a Psytrance set on youtube.




You can't state that it will take our tracks to the next level. lol

Samples and Loops taking us to the next level. cmon

Maybe if you started producing yesterday.


Only way IMO, is to learn synthesis \ better yet modular synthesis and create YOUR OWN music. It's the only way to get there.



No offense dude.. the samples is probly kickass

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