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  1. Here is our first free Label Sampler for 2016. We gathered some hand picked sounds from few popular sample packs and packed them into this taster pack, so you can feel the quality of our content. Suitable for EDM, Trance, House, Trap, Jungle Terror. Loaded with: Vocals, Drums, Basslines, Synths, FX and more. Free download: http://www.functionloops.com/free-sampler-2016-pt1.html Enjoy
  2. "100% Analog Psytrance" is a killer collection of rare production tools for Psytrance producers. Been wondering how big names get the warm, fat sound, that you hear in all the festivals and huge events? Well, this collection will help you bring that sound into your tracks. ​ Over 470MB of content to help you put the missing pieces of the puzzle and finally get your productions finished. You will find Drums (Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percussion), Basslines, Arps, FM Sounds, Synths and FX Loops, everything produced using hardware synths. Extra fat, outstanding quality, not less than your favorite artists. 100% Royalty-Free. Key & BPM Labelled, for ease of use. This remarkable sample pack was produced by Braincell, exclusive for Function Loops. - More info: http://www.functionloops.com/analog-psytrance.html -"100% Analog Psytrance" on YouTube: Well... We hope you'll enjoy this pack. For more Trance & Psy products, check our catalog: http://www.functionloops.com/trance1.html Thank you for reading and have a great, productive weekend
  3. We got multiply requests for Trance vocals, so we have recorded over 600MB of Vocal Loops suitable for Trance, Progressive and Psytrance genres. Packed with 100 x Trance Vocals and 75 x Gated Vocals, this collection is a must have addition for any producer, no matter if you are big name or just starting out. You had to work hard to find these type of vocals, buy many packs to just discover few suitable loops for your projects. Or bring your own vocalist. Now the nightmare is over. "Trance & Psy Vocals" covers it all and puts an end to your problems. ​Everything is Key-Labelled for ease of use, the whole pack at 138BPM. Changing the BPM and pitch is piece of cake and will not ruin the vocal quality. Recorded at crystal clear, 24-bit WAV industry standard. This product was designed for Trance and it's sub-genres, but can easy fit for any production. Will sit great in Drum&Bass, Dubstep, all the Hard Dance genres, Tribal House, Techno etc. "Trance & Psy Vocals" on YouTube: - More info: http://www.functionloops.com/trance--psy-vocals.html Enjoy!
  4. Download Free Sample Pack, packed with Construction Kits, Loops, Oneshots, MIDI files, Presets. We took some of our best sellers and picked some content from each of them. Covering Psytrance, Twerk/Trap, EDM, Melbourne, Future/Deep House. Enjoy! FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.functionloops.com/free-samples-2015.html
  5. You asked, we listened - meet your ultimate "Psytrance Bass Assistant". All of us need help from assistant once in a while and this one will help your Kick & Bass sound world class. In today's Psytrance this is the MOST important part, these are the moments, when the crowd go "wohaa!" If you go to parties - you know that, we don't need to tell. A special and one of a kind product, loaded with kicks and basslines from top names today. Super easy to navigate, all basslines are Key and Bpm labelled. Bpm range from 138-140, designed especially for today's standards. Already EQ'ed, sidechained and polished, what's left to do is pick the Key you working at the moment and drop the bass! Triplets, doubles, singles - you choose. The kick loops folder, contains some of the most punchy kick drums you will ever need. This is a candy for any Psytrance producer, no matter if you are a pro or just starting out. Even pros today will be happy to fasten their workflow. These basslines and kicks are extra fat, so why struggle? We did the hard job for you, enjoy! MORE INFO: http://www.functionloops.com/psytrance-bass-assistant.html Enjoy!
  6. Halloween is one of the busiest global party period. Are you ready? Have all the freaky sounds with you? If not, Function Loops got you covered. These 2 fresh Halloween packs will help you sound special in your productions and also DJ sets. Scary SFX, freaky Vocals and more. Check the packs. 1) "FEAR! SFX" from SHARP takes you on a trip to the other side, parallel world of lost souls. 100 SFX Loops, produced by top sound designer in Hollywood quality. ​This collection will bring the demons and witches to your studio, beware! 100 Loops including Ambiences, Atmospheres, Risers, Impacts, Evil Voices and Cinematic SFX. Perfect for any genre and producer, looking to inject some fear and make the audience shake. Take them on a horror adventure with "FEAR! SFX" collection. Everything is BPM labelled, recorded at top 24-bit WAV quality, 100% Royalty-Free. * More info: http://www.functionloops.com/fear-sfx.html 2) Warning: you've never heard anything like this! Coming from a very dark place, "Dark Vocals" collection is an ultimate add-on of horrifying voice samples, for any kind of production. Fits perfect for all "darker" genres. Produced at Silverlining Studios , exclusive for Function Loops. You won't find much of this kind of material around. So, if you were looking for scary vocals for your music, look no further. Everything was recorded at 125BPM, 24-bit WAV quality, crystal clear recording, using top gear. 100% Royalty-Free. Are you ready to sell your soul to the devil? * More info: http://www.functionloops.com/dark-vocals.html ___________________________________________________ For more products and Halloween related sample packs visit: http://www.functionloops.com/halloween.html Thank you guys for reading! ​Enjoy
  7. "Progressive Psy FX" is perfect for all the Progressive Psy producers, looking to fill the missing gaps in the tracks. All these little sounds, that the Pros use to make their music dynamic. It's an essential ingredient in Progressive Psytrance. Will fit great in all the other Psytrance sub-genres. ​You are getting 200 x Sounds (100 x Normal / 100 x Reversed), all Key-Labelled for ease of use, recorded at 140BPM, so you can time-stretch and fit in your mix fast. Each sound can be Reversed, so we did that job for you and grouped the files into Normal and Reversed folders. Let the picnic begin - "Progressive Psy FX" on YouTube: - More info: http://www.functionloops.com/progressive-psy-fx.html Enjoy!
  8. *Summer is ending, what an epic moments! Before we renew our catalog, we are doing "End of Summer clearance" for 72 Hours only, rising the discount to 35% off everything. For discount, use code: CLEAR35 - For all Products: http://www.functionloops.com/products.html - For Trance & Psy Products: http://www.functionloops.com/trance1.html Enjoy!
  9. One-Shot samples for FREE. You will find versatile drum shots for various genres and also bonus Key-Labelled kicks. DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.functionloops.com/free-sounds.html Enjoy!
  10. "Summer Psychedelic Trance" is coming to you at 145 Bpm! Get ready to inject some happyness into the dancefloor with this 300+ MB collection of versatile Psytrance tools. Packed with Drums, Basslines, Synths, Pads and FX Loops. Wide selection of colorful ingredients for your next Psytrance tracks. In detail you get: 20 x Basslines, 30 x Drum Loops, 50 x Synths/Leads, 30 x Pads/Atmos, 20 x FX Loops. Everything is at 145Bpm, 24-bit quality, Key-Labelled for ease of use. Don't miss this open-air inspired sample collection! - "Summer Psychedelic Trance" on YouTube: - More info: http://www.functionloops.com/summer-psychedelic-trance.html Also... 'Progressive Psytrance Bundle' - contains over 1.4GB of Progressive Psy material featuring Drums, Basslines, Synths, FX and Vocals in 24-Bit WAV format. Also you'll find a soundbank for the Spire VSTi containing 53 presets and a bonus template for Ableton Live, as a free gift. Get loaded with over 600+ sounds and take your Progressive-Psy tracks to the next level. 'Progressive Psytrance Bundle' includes the following products: - Progressive Psy Academy - In Trance We Trust - Tribal Voices By Hideyo Blackmoon - Psytrance Rave-O-Lution for Spire - Psytrance Ableton Template by NoizeBusters (Bonus) More info, demos, bundles and related products: - http://www.functionloops.com/progressive-psytrance-bundle.html - WWW.FUNCTIONLOOPS.COM Enjoy!
  11. July Specials at Function Loops Your chance to choose from 6 hand picked, best-selling sample packs at a special price (starts at 4.90$). Genres included: Techno/EDM/Psytrance/Deep House/Future House/Twerk. *Offer ends soon. SEE SPECIALS: http://www.functionloops.com/monthly-specials.html Enjoy!
  12. "Dirty Progressive Psy" brings 5 progressive Psy-Trance construction kits inspired by the latest sounds of all the major festivals around the globe. If you are producing in direction of labels such as Blue Tunes, Hommega, SpinTwist and alike, then this is one a kind sample pack, guaranteed to inspire you and help you achieve the sound you were looking for. 5 top-notch song-starter kits, loaded with all the production tools you need: Basslines, Synths, Drums and Effects. Each kit includes WAV Loops, Bass and Drum One-Shots, Bass MIDI files and Presets for Sylenth and Spire VSTi. Every Synth comes as Wet/Dry versions, so you can apply your own Fx easy. One-Shots are ready to be dropped into samplers for maximum flexibility. Take these kits to kick start your next tracks quick and get full of inspiration. Psy-Trance is our strong side - you are in hands of professionals. Let's make it happen in your life! - "Dirty Progressive Psy" on YouTube: https://youtu.be/XctFqvckk7U - More info: http://www.functionloops.com/dirty-progressive-psy.html Enjoy!
  13. Sorry we were not following the comments For everyone who call it Machine gun etc. - it's a just a basic/beginner bass sound you can create from scratch. Nothing more, than that. The second video is not ours, so no comments on that.
  14. Free sample pack, packed with Loops, Oneshots, MIDI files, Presets, Acapellas and beyond. A taste of best-selling samples packs, collected from various Function Loops and SHARP products. You will find bits of every popular genre including: EDM / Melbourne Bounce / Psytrance / Deep House / Dubstep / Future House / Tropical House. Download now for FREE and get some productions going! Details: - 175 files in total - 320MB of content - Loops, Shots, MIDI, Presets - 100% Royalty-Free DOWNLOAD NOW: http://www.functionloops.com/free-samples1.html P.S - Function Loops Festival SALE is hitting the road with 40% OFF any sample pack on the website (excl. premium bundles). Use coupon code: FEST_40 and you will be discounted 40% (limited time offer). BROWSE PACKS NOW: http://www.functionloops.com/products.html
  15. Watch how to make basic Psytrance Bass using Spire VSTi. For more good stuff: http://www.functionloops.com
  16. Over 850MB of pure progressive psytrance content in this summer festivals inspired sample pack. You will get 175 Key-Labelled Synth Loops, created by rising star of Psytrance scene, combining analog and digital gear. From hard kicking Riffs to brain melting Arps and SFX, lush Pads and Psychedelic Atmos, epic Leads and Melodies - you will find absolutely everything today's modern Synthesizers can give. Just take it! Class-A material of exact sound, that fans are willing to hear in the biggest parties around the globe this year. Inject these original ideas in your next tracks and watch labels come to you, asking to sign your tracks. You can hear Function Loops sounds in many releases from new and also known artists. We deal only with popular sound, we know exactly what's trending and we give you all the right tools to success. Our team is releasing tracks with biggest labels today and performing around the globe. We share our sounds with you, to help you achieve maximum level. - More info: http://www.functionloops.com/progressive-psytrance-nation - "Progressive Psytrance Nation" on YouTube: https://youtu.be/PCLYHYDKA3g Enjoy creation!
  17. "Dirty Sh*t: Female Vocals" on YouTube: https://youtu.be/hZVbqcuSHhc The most dirty, the most sexy and deep vocal samples collection you will ever find out there! There is nothing like this around, guaranteed. Over 300MB of exceptional vocal content, in this sample pack. Suitable for any genre, seeking original and fresh touch. Warning: explicit language, not for kids. "Dirty Sh*t: Female Vocals" is packed with filthy voices, sexy whispers, naughty laughters and deep spoken phrases. In addition, you will find some vocal one-shots for the extra touch. All vocals come as Dry & Wet versions for maximum flexibility. Everything is recorded at 24-bit WAV, BPM-Labelled, 100% Royalty-Free. In the demo track, we used some Deep-Tech stuff, but these vocals will fit in any other genres easy, no matter what Key is your track. No matter, what genre you are into, grab this collection and inject these vocals into your next tracks - you will see your fans go nuts about it. Don't hesitate, be unique! More info: http://www.functionloops.com/dirty-sht-female-vox
  18. This is insane, but true - this year's Festival Season is going to be the biggest in the History of electronic music. Relating on the stats and articles from biggest magazines out there, we know, that electronic music is no.1 these days and the scene is attracting more and more ravers every year. This is the best time for our culture and we should be proud of it. We picked 4 important genres of 2015 and compiled a gift sample pack for you. So get ready for the Festival Season of 2015, it's gonna be EPIC! Genres included: -Future House -Tropical House -Psy-Trance -EDM http://www.functionloops.com/festival-season-special-2015
  19. Function Loops is proud to present - PREMIUM bundles. These epic packs give a complete solution for music producers in various genres. Packed with thousands of files, all the tools you could ever desire, all in one place. You will find: Stems / Loops / One-Shots / MIDI / Presets / Basslines / Vocals / Various Synths / Drums / FX and all the rest! - http://www.functionloops.com/premium.html Also, Easter Sale with 40% OFF everything is kicking off, use coupon at checkout: EGGS_40 PSYTRANCE PREMIUM - USER TUTORIAL: https://youtu.be/CwcMo-r3yVc Enjoy!
  20. "Punchpack For Virus Ti" on YouTube: We are proud to present, the most up-to-date Soundbank for Access Virus Ti and Ti2. 128 futuristic sounds, programmed by Noizebusters. These patches are the most-useful for Psytrance / Trance genres, but also will do the job for various other styles such as: EDM / Techno / Electro and much more. In addition to all these new sounds you are getting, there is also a bonus folder of 20 MIDI files (Bass & Leads). Just drop them in and start rolling new ideas in seconds. If you own Virus Ti, don't look further and grab this remarkable Soundbank to upgrade yourself with some of the most futuristic sounds you can get today. For more info: http://www.functionloops.com/punchpack-for-virus-ti
  21. Over this weekend Function Loops is offering their whole chart products at 9.90$ only (save 10$ on sample packs and 30$ on bundles!). You will find EDM Acapellas / Psy-Trance / Tropical House and Melbourne Bounce. New products included! Hurry up... Link: http://www.functionloops.com/monthly-specials.html
  22. "Progressive Psy Academy" on YouTube: Fresh and inspiring sample pack, loaded with most versatile tools for Progressive Psy-Trance production. Inspiration taken from the biggest labels in the scene and only chart-topping artists! You will find over 500MB of content, including everything: Kicks, Percussion, Basslines, Synths and FX Loops. As a bonus, you will also find a nice Soundbank for Sylenth to maximize your results. Welcome to "Progressive Psy Academy"! This collection captures the vibe of the Progressive Psy-Trance scene, but it's also great for other Trance sub-genres. We at Function Loops, are using production tips from some of the biggest names in the business and some of the best gear such as Virus Ti, NordLead etc. These sounds are guaranteed to make your mix stand out. Everything is key & BPM labeled for ease of use. In detail, you will get: 33 x Basslines , 30 x Percussion Drum Loops, 101 x Analog & Digital Synths, 46 x FX Loops, 15 x Extra Kick Shots, 1 x Soundbank for Sylenth (30 Presets). This is all you need to produce pro-sounding tracks. All content is 100% Royalty-Free, use these professional sounds in your tracks and get signed by labels quicker than ever. Remember, we create our own realities and this is your chance to make it happen with your musical career. More details: http://www.functionloops.com/progressive-psy-academy.html
  23. Deals page UPDATED! Save big time with brand new PREMIUM packages! Check it out: http://www.functionloops.com/holiday-deals.html
  24. We’re happy to introduce Function Loops Gift-Cards! Christmas is just around the corner and what could be better, than a gift card? Happy Holidays! http://www.functionloops.com/gift-cards.html
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