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Sonic Shamans Vol. II - Sonic Tantra Recs - FREE - OUT NOW!

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Sonic Tantra records presents Sonic Shamans Vol II, a free 17 track forest, darkpsy, psycore and Hi-tech Psytrance music compilation.


Download full Psytrance album WAV and MP3 Packs



01 Overdream Skip Sick! (150 Bpm)

02 Goch Falling Stone (150 Bpm)

03 Low Rezolution & Zamurah Melt Resin (148 Bpm)

04 Griboz Trip In The Astral (148 Bpm)

05 Digital Hellmouth Vs Noized Digital Noize (152 Bpm)

06 Distorted Forest Deep Creep (152 Bpm)

07 DigitalX Deceptive Gods (152 Bpm)

08 aGh0Ri TanTriK Khooni Khopdi Remix (152 Bpm)

09 Mythorlogic Troll (157 Bpm)

10 Aggressive Mood Vs Morbus Blast Wave (160 Bpm)

11 DeV Temple Thesis (160 Bpm)

12 Pupsidelic Killer Instinct (162 Bpm)

13 Abduction Investigaters Vs Saga Devine Mother Energy (160 Bpm)

14 Parasite Planetary Shift (175 Bpm)

15 CyberBaba Elephant Shrew The Nutcore (182 Bpm)

16 aGh0Ri TanTriK In Memory of Cosmic Iron (190 Bpm)

17 Mongust Universe (180 Bpm)


Audio Mastering: Fluxfield Studio (Brazil)

Compiled by: Sid & Parasite

Artwork by: Ashtak Singh

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