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Fuluf - Divine Interventions mixes


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Started a new mix series called Divine Interventions. Each mix is dedicated to a God from various mythologies. First one is dedicated to Osiris. Also made a general thread for them.



Mixcloud link


Osiris was an Egyptian god, usually identified as the god of the afterlife, the underworld and the dead. He was at times considered the oldest son of the earth god Geb, and the sky goddess Nut, as well as being brother and husband of Isis, with Horus being considered his posthumously begotten son. He was also associated with the epithet Khenti-Amentiu, which means "Foremost of the Westerners" a reference to his kingship in the land of the dead. As ruler of the dead, Osiris was also sometimes called "king of the living", since the Ancient Egyptians considered the blessed dead "the living ones". Osiris was considered the brother of Isis, Set, Nephthys, Horus the Elder and father of Horus the younger. Osiris is first attested in the middle of the Fifth dynasty of Egypt, although it is likely that he was worshipped much earlier; the term Khenti-Amentiu dates to at least the first dynasty, also as a pharaonic title.


1. Supersillyus - Collide-O-Scope (Globular's Drastic Refraction remix) - Self-released

2. Androcell - All is Full of Dub - Self-released

3. Man with No Name - Sugar Rush (Kanc Cover rework) - Altar

4. Tengri - Vrelo - Peak

5. Birds of Paradise - Wingspan - Addictech

6. Asura - Planisphere 7 (Extended mix) - Altar

7. Bird of Prey - Kiva (Kalya Scintilla remix) - Merkaba

8. Mr Squatch - Squatch Expands Life - Merkaba

9. Elea feat. Bahramji - Flying Carpet - Atmospheric

10. Alba - Mother Nature - Nutek Chill

11. Uth - Momenta (Shamanic Spirit rework) - Altar

12. Balance - Rainy Day - Maia Brasil

13. Ishdub - Pequenisky - Mystic Sound

14. Lauge, Baba Gnohm - Beyond the Peak - Chillbasement


Enjoy :)

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Mixcloud link


Horus is one of the oldest and most significant deities in ancient Egyptian religion, who was worshipped from at least the late Predynastic period through to Greco-Roman times. Different forms of Horus are recorded in history and these are treated as distinct gods by Egypt specialists. These various forms may possibly be different perceptions of the same multi-layered deity in which certain attributes or syncretic relationships are emphasized, not necessarily in opposition but complementary to one another, consistent with how the Ancient Egyptians viewed the multiple facets of reality. He was most often depicted as a falcon, most likely a lanner or peregrine, or as a man with a falcon head.

The earliest recorded form of Horus is the patron deity of Nekhen in Upper Egypt, who is the first known national god, specifically related to the king who in time came to be regarded as a manifestation of Horus in life and Osiris in death. The most commonly encountered family relationship describes Horus as the son of Isis and Osiris but in another tradition Hathor is regarded as his mother and sometimes as his wife. Horus served many functions in the Egyptian pantheon, most notably being a god of the sun, war and protection.


1. Kalya Scintilla - Kamakshi Devi - Merkaba

2. Banco de Gaia - Last Train to Lhasa (Astropilot remix) - Self-Released

3. Balance - Stopped Time - Maia Brasil

4. Harmonic Frequency - Fractions of Time - Psyderweb

5. Cydelix - Cinnamon Insence - Cosmicleaf

6. Kaya Project - Firedance - Interchill

7. Dhamika - Energy Flow - Altar

8. Eat Static - UFO Over Trenchtown - Interchill

9. Vonoom - Pluto - Mind Experience

10. Maluns - Afterburner (In Orbit) - Cosmicleaf

11. Miktek - Ominous Ride (Album edit) - Ultimae

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Mixcloud link


Vishnu is a Hindu god, the Supreme God of Vaishnavism (one of the three principal denominations of Hinduism) and one of the three supreme deities (Trimurti) of Hinduism. He is also known as Narayanaand Hari. As one of the five primary forms of God in the Smarta tradition, he is conceived as "the Preserver or the Protector" within the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity of the divinity.


In Hindu sacred texts, Vishnu is usually described as having dark complexion of water-filled clouds and as having four arms. He is depicted as a pale blue being, as are his incarnations Rama and Krishna He holds a padma (lotus flower) in his lower left hand, the Kaumodaki gada (mace) in his lower right hand, the Panchajanya shankha (conch) in his upper left hand and the discus weapon considered to be one of the most powerful weapon according to Hindu Religion Sudarshana Chakra in his upper right hand.


The traditional explanation of the name Vishnu involves the root viś, meaning "to settle”, or also "to enter into, to pervade," glossing the name as "the All-Pervading One". Yaska, an early commentator on the Vedas, in his Nirukta, (etymological interpretation), defines Vishnu as viṣṇur viṣvater vā vyaśnoter vā, "one who enters everywhere". He also writes, atha yad viṣito bhavati tad viṣnurbhavati, "that which is free from fetters and bondages is Vishnu".


1. Liquid Bloom - Cosmic Soul Lotus - ???

2. Zymosis - Path of Nocturnal - Altar

3. Radioactive Sandwich - Time Dilation (Supersillyus remix) - Self-Released

4. Iacchus - Tat Tvam Asi - Self-Released

5. Kalya Scintilla - Whomp Shanti (Birds of Paradise remix) - Merkaba

6. Desert Dwellers - Lotus Heart (Kalya Scintilla remix) - Black Swan

7. Beatfarmer - Cosmic Playgroud (Cosmic mix) - Self-Released

8. Spatalize - Cluster Dub - Self-Released

9. Ott - Smoked Glass and Chrome - Twisted

10. Temple Step Project - Medicine Temple - Subbass

11. Iacchus - Just a Tribute - Timewave

12. CBL - Epicentre (2nd movement) - Ultimae

13. Kliment - Airfia - Atmospheric

14. Arborean - Taigan - Self-Released

15. Hallucinogen, Raja Ram - Herb Garden - TIP

16. Tengri - Chasing the Sun - Self-Released

17. Kliment vs Anjela - Last Call - Neogoa

18. Max Million - Soundway - Thinkbaby

19. Shpongle - Around the World in a Tea Daze - Twisted

20. Land Switcher - High Landstep - Free-Spirit

21. Entheogenic - Silent Knowing - USR

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Jupiter or Jove is the king of the gods and the god of sky and thunder in Ancient Roman religion and mythology. Jupiter was the chief deity of Roman state religion throughout the Republican and Imperial eras, until Christianity became the dominant religion of the Empire. In Roman mythology, he negotiates with Numa Pompilius, the second king of Rome, to establish principles of Roman religion such as sacrifice.


Jupiter is usually thought to have originated as a sky god. His identifying implement is the thunderbolt, and his primary sacred animal is the eagle, which held precedence over other birds in the taking of auspices and became one of the most common symbols of the Roman army. The two emblems were often combined to represent the god in the form of an eagle holding in its claws a thunderbolt, frequently seen on Greek and Roman coins. As the sky-god, he was a divine witness to oaths, the sacred trust on which justice and good government depend. Many of his functions were focused on the Capitoline, where the citadel was located. He was the chief deity of the early Capitoline Triad with Marsand Quirinus. In the later Capitoline Triad, he was the central guardian of the state with Juno and Minerva. His sacred tree was the oak.


The Romans regarded Jupiter as the equivalent of the Greek Zeus, and in Latin literature and Roman art, the myths and iconography of Zeus are adapted under the name Iuppiter. In the Greek-influenced tradition, Jupiter was the brother of Neptune and Pluto. Each presided over one of the three realms of the universe: sky, the waters, and the underworld. TheItalic Diespiter was also a sky god who manifested himself in the daylight, usually but not always identified with Jupiter. Tinia is usually regarded as his Etruscan counterpart.


1. Dhamika - Intro - Self-Released

2. Astral Waves, Suduaya, Sukhush - Emergence (Album edit) - Altar

3. Condensspur - Terra - Cyan Music

4. Pale Moon Rising - Across the Plains - Organic

5. Astronaut Ape, Sunselity - It's Full of Stars - Microcosmos

6. Etnica - Triptonite (Aes Dana & Nova Ethilic Eden Remix) - Etnicanet

7. Akshan - East West - Altar

8. Sufi's Life - Balkan Spirit - Lemonchill

9. Calma Dub - Third Eye - Subbass

10. Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries - Twisted

11. Desert Dwellers - The Great Mystery - Desert Trax

12. Terra Nine - No Return (Ott remix) - Altar

13. Androcell - Endless Wonder remix - Self-Released

14. Nomads of Dub - Spirals - Twisted

15. Subaqueous - Shimmers in the Dark - Self-Released

16. Alba - Arising and Passing Away - Neogoa

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Chalchiuhtlicue was an Aztec goddess of water, rivers, seas, streams, storms, and baptism. Reputedly universally revered at the time of the Spanish conquest, she was an important deity figure in the Post-classic Aztec realm of central Mexico. Chalchiuhtlicue was also patroness of childbirth. She was also called Matlalcueitl by the Tlaxcalans, enemies of the Aztec.



1. Aes Dana - The Meeting Point - Ultimae

2. E-Mantra - Kaleidoscope Clouds - Altar

3. Nibana - Our Eyes (Sephira remix) - Maia Brasil

4. Alan Parsons feat. Shpongle - Antarctica - Iboga

5. Cygna - Euclidean Subspace - Ultimae

6. Suduaya - Salutation to the Planets (Land Switcher remix) - Altar

7. Elysium - Journey into the Complex Brain - Avatar

8. CJ Catalizer - Life Origin - Altar

9. Maluns - Open Secret - Cosmicleaf

10. Solar Fields - The Road to Nothingness - Ultimae

11. Yarn - Ancient Seeds - Psylife

12. Symbolico - A Portal is Opening Up - Self-Released

13. Birds of Paradise - Phyzicism - Addictech

14. Beatfarmer - On a Plain (Ambient Plains Mix) - Ovnimoon

15. Mike Oldfield - Secrets // Far Above the Clouds - Warner

16. Liquid Bloom - Jaguar Dreaming - White Swan

17. Agni feat. Cosmic Plasma - Ganges Dream - Astronautic

18. Aes Dana - Leylines - Ultimae

19. Y2E - Yours to Enjoy - Organic

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Mixcloud link


Ganesha, also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, is one of the best-known and most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon. His image is found throughout India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Hindu sects worship him regardless of affiliations. Devotion to Ganesha is widely diffused and extends to Jains and Buddhists.

Although he is known by many attributes, Ganesha's elephant head makes him easy to identify. Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles, the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom. As the god of beginnings, he is honoured at the start of rituals and ceremonies. Ganesha is also invoked as patron of letters and learning during writing sessions.

Ganesha emerged as a distinct deity in the 4th and 5th centuries CE, during the Gupta Period, although he inherited traits from Vedic and pre-Vedic precursors. He was formally included among the five primary deities of Smartism (a Hindu denomination) in the 9th century. A sect of devotees called the Ganapatya arose, who identified Ganesha as the supreme deity.


1. Desert Dwellers – In the Beginning – Merkaba

2. Khooman – Let me Out – Ajana

3. Zero Cult – Nitrogen – Cosmicleaf

4. Tara Putra – Magnetismus Animals – Maia Brasil

5. Desert Dwellers – Wandering Sandhu (Suduaya remix) – Black Swan

6. Goatika – Air (Live edit) – Sticky Jam

7. Globular – To the Other Side of Fractal Phase Space – Gliese 581C & Omnitropic

8. eleMental – Dansul Ielelor – Astronautic

9. Beatroots – Subrooted – Self-released

10. Chronos, CJ Catalizer – Spiral Clouds (Kumharas edit) – Mystic Sound

11. Shpongle – Shpongleyes – Twisted

12. Astronaut Ape, Sunselity – Nebesnaya Sotnya – Kissthesound

13. Squirrelhead – Undiscovery – Kissthesound

14. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Interloper – Self-released

15. Suduaya – Over the Edge – Altar

16. Asura – Atlantis Child – Ultimae

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Speaking of Ganesha, you missed 2 most important things 1) Lord Ganesha being the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He was created out of earth :)

2) Ganesh Chaturti - the festival so powerful and mesmerising. Also cutting across religious boundaries. I know many Muslims, Christians who celebrate it. Bring the idol of Lord Ganesha to their home and carry out all the rituals. :)


Coming to mixes,

Thanks for the download link.


Can I expect an ambient(Beatless ambient) mix? Or is it gonna be all psybient and psychill.?

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Mixcloud link


In Norse mythology, Freyja is a goddess associated with love, sex, beauty, fertility, gold, war, and death. Freyja is the owner of the necklace Brísingamen, rides a chariot pulled by two cats, keeps the boar Hildisvíni by her side, possesses a cloak of falcon feathers, and, by her husband Óðr, is the mother of two daughters, Hnoss and Gersemi. Along with her brother Freyr, her father Njörðr, and her mother, she is a member of the Vanir.

Freyja rules over her heavenly afterlife field Fólkvangr and there receives half of those that die in battle, whereas the other half go to the god Odin's hall, Valhalla. Within Fólkvangr is her hall, Sessrúmnir. Freyja assists other deities by allowing them to use her feathered cloak, is invoked in matters of fertility and love, and is frequently sought after by powerful jötnar who wish to make her their wife.

Freyja is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources; in the Prose Edda and Heimskringla.

Scholars have theorized about whether Freyja and the goddess Frigg ultimately stem from a single goddess common among the Germanic peoples; about her connection to the valkyries, female battlefield choosers of the slain; and her relation to other goddesses and figures in Germanic mythology, including the thrice-burnt and thrice-reborn Gullveig/Heiðr, the goddesses Gefjon, Skaði, Þorgerðr Hölgabrúðr and Irpa, Menglöð, and the 1st century CE "Isis" of the Suebi. Freyja's name appears in numerous place names in Scandinavia, with a high concentration in southern Sweden. Various plants in Scandinavia once bore her name, but it was replaced with the name of the Virgin Mary during the process of Christianization. Rural Scandinavians continued to acknowledge Freyja as a supernatural figure into the 19th century, and Freyja has inspired various works of art.


1. Psyrius feat. Sukhush - Andromeda - Mystic Sound

2. Chronos - Time Keeper - Mystic Sound

3. Lab's Cloud - Back to the Roots - Altar

4. Vonoom - Your Superiors - Zealotry Music

5. Androcell - Sacred Encounters - Altar

6. Desert Dwellers - Shiva Nataraj (Jef Scott remix) - Black Swan

7. Dense feat. DJ Aquarius - In Space - Cosmicleaf

8. AuroraX - Walking Monotones - Sonic Loom

9. Lunar Dawn - Blessings from Irij (Perfect Blind remix) - Neogoa

10. Bird of Prey - Walkabout - Addictech

11. Kalya Scintilla - The Rise of Horus - Merkaba

12. Specialmind - Alterlife (Tentura remix) - Sentimony

13. Desert Dwellers - Union (Whitebear's Groove Mix) - Desert Trax

14. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis - Self-released

15. Rukirek - Vasumitra's Dream - Mystic Sound

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Mixcloud link


1. Eguana - Sun (Ambient Version) - Cosmicleaf

2. Spectrum Vision - Mystical Bruhoo - Sentimony

3. Desert Dwellers - Sukhavati (Lost in Space mix) - White Swan

4. Vonoom - Space Baby - Sentimony

5. Sundial - Together, we are... (Scann-tec remix) - Ultimae

6. Mic - Vers Luisant - Hadra

7. Maluns - Distorted Reality - Mystic Sound

8. Zymosis, Catalizer - I'll be There - Altar

9. Nibana - I am Soul - Maia Brasil

10. Astropilot - Nihavend - Atmospheric

11. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Irdial - Soundmute

12. Cell, Aes Dana - Switch Off - Ultimae

13. Shpongle - The Aquatic Garden of Extra Celestial Delights - Twisted

14. Kaya Project - Sema Yaka (Hibernation remix) - Self-released

15. Yggdrasil - Amazing Gnejs - Digital Psionics

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By the power of Ra !







1. Phobium - The Cloud at a Distance - Omnitropic

2. Globular - You, the Progenitor - Mikelabella

3. GMO vs. Dense - Termination of Life? - Altar

4. Nibana - Through the Ard - Maia Brasil

5. Isea-N - Indian Village - Mudra Music

6. Psyrius - Jupiter - Uxmal

7. Beatfarmer - Path to Peace (Album mix) - Ovnimoon

8. Tribalicious - Deep Space - Merkaba

9. Rukirek - Last Step Before The Crash Of It All... And Go Again - Mystic Sound

10. Spatialize - Koog & Zalem - Self-released

11. Yarn - In Other Words - OM Mantra

12. Maluns - Dream 2 - Blue Tunes Chillout

13. B.Smiley, Sonja Drakulich - Evenstar (Elbereth Mix) - Late Night Sneakin

14. Bluetech - 667 (Kalya Scintilla remix) - Merkaba

15. Hello Mellow - Eat Sleep Sit Repeat - ???

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Mixcloud link


1. Mnnsk, Mizoo feat. Ana Göldin - Initial - Ultimae

2. Siebzehn - SpaceProbe (Lumidelic remix) - Forestdelic

3. Natural Life Essence - Acid Fog - Cyan Music

4. Uth - Distant Instincts - Neogoa

5. Uth - Momenta (Shamanic Spirit Rework) - Altar

6. Chronos - Achronon - Mystic Sound

7. Tengri - Vrelo - Peak

8. Unknown Reality - Water - Forestdelic

9. Human Egg - Eternity remix - Self-released

10. Gateway 721 - Project Red Planet - Self-released

11. Kaminanda - Temple of De'Light - Self-released

12. Asura - Back to Light - Ultimae

13. Ra - Shift - Altar

14. Martins Garden feat. Yechidah - Venerem - Merkaba

15. Heliopatis - Recognition of Emptiness - Microcosmos

16. Alwoods - Flying Owl - Altar

17. Om Sagar - Wings of Colorsphere - Self-released

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Soundcloud here


Mixcloud link


1. Chronos - Dandelions as Memory - Mystic Sound

2. Ishq - Skylike - Interchill

3. Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth - Twisted

4. Androcell - Lion Breathing Fire - Self-released

5. Suduaya, E-Mantra - Nerida - Melusine

6. Birds of Paradise - Wingspan - Addictech

7. Unknown Reality - Mellow Wave - Self-released

8. Chronos - Space Cake (Vermel Live Edit) - Mystic Sound

9. Akshan - Gates of Heaven - Altar

10. Rukirek - Yngvarr - Mystic Sound

11. Globular - ...and it Speaks of Everything - Self-released

12. Master Minded - Fearless - Merkaba

13. Kliment - Forest of Wishes - Uxmal

14. CJ Catalizer - The Third Orbit - Neogoa

15. Max Million - An Afterthought - Audiomodern

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Soundcloud link


Mixcloud link


1. Ashnaia Project, Stellar - 9th Beatitude (Aramaic) - Self-released

2. Seamoon - Crystal Language - Merkaba

3. CJ Catalizer - The 10th Surface - Melusine

4. Metaphorical Cloud - Morphing - Flying Woofer

5. Logical Elements - 9th Dimension - Self-released

6. Aes Dana - Cyan - Altar

7. Rukirek - Closed Eyes Open Spaces - Mystic Sound

8. Chronos - Kunilingus - Mystic Sound

9. Beatfarmer - On a Plain (Ambient Plains Mix) - Ovnimoon

10. Cell - Idea Spiral (Ozora 2011 edit) - Ultimae

11. Condensspur - Water Droplets - Cyan

12. Balancé - Rainy Day - Maia Brasil

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Soundcloud link


Mixcloud link


1. Liquid Bloom - Roots of the Earth (Medicina remix) - Black Swan

2. Spatialize - Cluster Dub - Self-released

3. Hypnoxock - Science Fiction - Nutek Chill

4. Dreaming Cooper - Cold Planet - Altar

5. Kalya Scintilla - Dragon Tree - Merkaba

6. Shpongle - Aquatic Garden of Extra Celestial Delights - Twisted

7. Suduaya - Over the Edge - Altar

8. Bird of Prey - Kiva (Kalya Scintilla remix) - Merkaba

9. Maluns - Afterburner - In Orbit - Cosmicleaf

10. Rukirek - Hollow Void - Mystic Sound

11. Scann-Tec - Turgenev - Ultimae

12. Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Rejsen - Altar

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Soundcloud link


Mixcloud link


1. Liquid Bloom - Bless the Waters (Vocal mix) - Black Swan

2. Eguana - Where Half of my Soul - Cosmicleaf

3. Balancé - Looking to the Sea - Aquatic Collective

4. Birds of Paradise - Phyzicism - Addictech

5. Kalya Scintilla - Rise of Horus - Merkaba

6. Unknown Reality - Transformation - Self-released

7. Rukirek - Elixir - Mystic Sound

8. Whitebear, Tribone - Permutations - Shanti Planti

9. Bird of Prey - Walkabout - Addictech

10. Astronaut Ape - Starship Eden - Microcosmos

11. Elea - Chaman Imana - Altar

12. Androcell - Sacred Encounter - Altar

13. Seamoon - The Center of the Mandala - Merkaba

14. Occult - Kuru - Merkaba

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Soundcloud link


Mixcloud link


1. Iacchus - Just a Tribute - Timewave

2. Scopes - Scrambled Eggs - Psyderweb

3. GMO vs Dense - Passing Storm (Out of the Storm mix) - Altar

4. Unusual Cosmic Process - Cosmic Blue (Phase II) (Profondita remix) - Astropilot Music

5. Desert Dwellers - The Dub Sutras (Sensual Sutras mix) - Desert Trax

6. Shpongle - Vapour Rumors - Twisted

7. Tsykhra - Colonization - Mystic Sound

8. Spectrum Vision - Neptun - Astropilot Music

9. Astronaut Ape - A Lonely Robot in a Control Room - Microcosmos

10. Chronos - Sequenced Engine (Progressive mix) - Mystic Sound

11. Aes Dana - Pulse Rate - Celestial Dragon

12. The Flying Mars - Upbeat Meditation - Altar

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Winter Solstice 2016



Soundcloud link


Mixcloud link


1. Globular - Up the Xylem Elevator (Kukan Dub Lagan remix) - Self-released

2. Androcell - Purple Aura remix - Self-released

3. Imagika Om - Sulam - Merkaba

4. Unusual Cosmic Process - Acoustic Levitation - Astropilot Music

5. Spectrum Vision - Anna - Sentimony

6. E-Mantra - Secluded Trails - Altar

7. Tentura - Cold Drop - Altar

8. Scann-Tec - Unyt - Ultimae

9. Lab's Cloud - Back to the Roots - Altar

10. Birds of Paradise - Wingspan (Kaya Project remix) - Addictech

11. Desert Dwellers - Om Namo Bhagavate (Planewalker remix) - Desert Trax

12. Elea, Bahramji - Dancing Blossoms (Sidereal remix) - Altar

13. The Bhaktas - Govinda (Dreaming Cooper remix) - Altar

14. CJ Catalizer - Cryogenic Stellar Liquid - Astropilot Music

15. Astronaut Ape, Sunselity - It's All Full of Stars - Microcosmos

16. The Bhaktas - Om Namah Shivaya (Electronic Traffic remix) - Altar

17. Mike Oldfield - Secrets // Far Above the Clouds - Warner

18. Liquid Bloom - Jaguar Dreaming - Black Swan

19. Agni, Cosmic Plasma - Ganges Dream - Astronautic

20. Shpongle - Around the World in a Tea Daze - Twisted

21. Asura - Atlantis Child - Ultimae

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