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I want to buy two rare compilations and a few more.

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Hello guys,

Looking for many years to buy two compilation Goa Trance year 2000 edited by a label from Romania.

I do not care to buy them indivifuale pieces, I just want these original compilations from my collection.

Unfortunately this compilation were taken only a few copies (Limited Edition), Vela Music label does not exist in 2003!

I put ads to buy them in my country but no one has!

They are called: Goa Trance and Goa Trance 2000 (both in 2000) by Vela Music (Romania) All tracks: Ingmar veeck A.A.A.T.M.

Some covers that we have found a few years ago on the Internet:




We give some example songs of each CD.

Goa Trance

1. L'ANGE GABRIELLA - Bright Vibration
2. I-THE MAGICAN - Cristalization (no found in discogs)
3. L.A.S.E.R-RAY . Distant Galaxy

Goa Trance 2000

1. SPHINX & JOKING - Gates To Eternity
2. SPHYRINX - Massive Vibrations
3. MARK NICKELSON - Piano In Trance


My question is whether anyone has even one of these compilations and wants to sell?

PS: Attention all internet it is not found any information about this CD!

Thank you very much and I appreciate every answer which lead me to buy this CD!

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On 3/7/2018 at 4:04 PM, Goa-Head said:

No, it seems that no one has them and they do not exist at this time in the discogs database. Thanks anyway.

PS: The covers are exactly what I posted above, these.


Goa Trance.jpg

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