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"V/A - 6th Element or The Missing Elements"


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Artist: Various

Title: 6th Element or The Missing Elements

Label: Altar Records

Date: May, 2011


1. Astropilot - Inside the Harmony (Astral Waves remix)

2. Zymosis - Zeta Being (original version without flute)

3. Dreaming Cooper - Space Trip

4. Elea - Paisley Faces (Eternity Remix)

5. Suduaya - Salutation To The Planets

6. Elea feat. Bahramji - Menne Divonne

7. Tentura - Uzm247

8. Sysyphe - Mindscare

9. Ephemeral Mists - Awakening Spirits (Peyote mix)

10. Chronos & C.J. Catalizer - Quid Est Veritas (Air mix)

11. Asura - Vangelis






Everyone got their cloud recliner in full, resting position? Good. Altar records is delivering what could be the final part of their beautiful Element series with the 6th Element. First thing you'll notice is there is no such thing as a 6th element. Kinda like a sixth Beatle. At least on this planet. But the "missing elements" found here are overflow tracks that didn't find a place on the other installments of the series. Put together and mastered by Mr. Altar himself (DJ Zen) the compilation opens with an epic ambient track remixed by Astral Waves. And what a floating neural massage it is. Zymosis provides his track Zeta Bieng from the Air compilation now with less flute. Which is a shame because it sounded fuller with the flute. However the coming out of the break seemed more dramatic in this version.


Space Trip is a melancholy orbit around a planet (or a pretty good backing for a Lionel Richie track) while I couldn't tell you anything about Paisley Faces. Salutation to the Planets had an annoying chant over a cheesy uplifting melody and then Bahramji tops it. Didn't think it was possible, but don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't do something.


So...right about now my cloud is beginning to darken and become a little lumpy. Is this a downtempo compilation or soundtrack to an ISIS training video? Uzm247 (what?) is a better piece of downtempo that builds to a strong climax and Mindscare is more on the darker side of things with a dub-like bass line and a strong snare. Liked that one. Awakening Spirits is a slow hallucinogenic dirge with Indian vocals that appeals to me even if it sounds like a slowed down goa track. The Air mix of Quid Est Veritas sounds identical to the track from the album of the same name while Asura closes on a saccharine sweet note that could very well be a Vangelis track.


Not being an anthropologist I cannot declare this with abject certainty, but I believe the missing elements are called B-sides. It's not mixed and there is no flow to the tracks at all. It felt like they were just thrown together. They're not terrible by any stretch, but if you spent $10,000 on a hover cloud expecting to float away you're gonna be disappointed. Of course if you spent $10K on a floating cloud ten more bucks ain't gonna mean that much to you. And can I be your friend?


Well, since I'm not an anthropologist I guess there is nothing wrong with sticking them back where I found them. You know...to preserve them and sh*t. Yeah, that's it.







Pinkie Pie! Apple Jack! Get to diggin!



Altar Bandcamp




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