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How do you identify politically?


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I'm socialist by conscience, but not in an economist/class perspective. My socialist concern derives from cultural/spiritual values.


For me the main substances of democracy (or of the republic) have to do with the idea of an organized society upon the principles/values of dignity, quality, high spirit and respect for these principles and for the phenomenon of life. A great leap from the jungle condition to an urbane & humanitarian standard of life. Plus, the virtues which are the essential expressions of such perception and pillars of this standard, a sine qua non necessity.

Decency, concern, fairness, studiousness, dialectic, diligence, reliability, well, these can sound good and highly acceptable, even kind-hearted, but in real life such value-driven deeds, except that require a human weaknessess' overcome, constant effort and character forging, can put you into alot of trouble and make you unpleasant.

In other words, republicanism or democratic attitude flow from qualities of character. Veracity, courage, modesty, honesty, sedateness, pride (which is dignity + high spirit, not macho attitude). These principles' cultivation is what a serious republic should have as a priority.


Because Rights come from Obligations. This is a rule that applies to everything, directly or indirectly, this is a law of reality. Where this isn't followed, there's a state of privileges. And this is what freedom abuse is all about. And here is where there's a common place ' many speak for democracy, rights, freedoms or socialism but how many really mean it and prove it with their actions and their life-stance? What i'm talking here has nothing to do with public relations and savoir vivre, cheery attitude and shiny smiles. Many people haven't or can't understand that herd/crowd mentality and easiness isn't republicanism or culture.


Humans are not born equal in spirit and perceptive intelligence. No one is born a wise superhero, but what makes the difference is the volition to learn and evolve, an inner impulse to discover what is beyond the veil of impermanence, unseen laws of nature and truths of life, to ascend from the mud of temporariness and perishability. It's a difference of perceptiveness on the importance of how every man has responsibilities towards the ground & the soil that sustains him, the flora & the fauna that environs & born him, the water & the food that feeds him, the civilization & the culture as a mother & a principle' that the stars, the suns, the skies, the seas, the mountains, the rivers, the plants, the animals, the other people and the societies were not made for anyone's luxury, creed, vanity or amusement. Some have this volition and sensitivity alot, others have it lesser, but some don't have it while others have a negative intention from the beginning. The more this perceptive intelligence lacks, the bigger the degree of selfishness is, worse the blindess or the vice is. This lack is manifold, some are bold but unjust, others are temperate but thoughtless and others are thinking but amoralist. Irresponsibility, creed, arrogance, cretinism, viciousness, duplicity, demagoguery, amoralism and sybaritism. As lower as it goes the more nightmarish becomes to many, the more mazy to others. Some would feel or be imprisoned, but some others see this as a necessary evil or even an amusing way of life.


And here's the major problem. When people immature or with "low spirit", with low quality of character or a very materialist perception of life come to positions of a lesser or greater responsibility in politics or economy, generally in the society's function, then corruption or decay is a matter of time. But the worse, institutions loose their effect, their height and perfectness. And this happens more easily when the institutions are not build on and orientated towards cultural/spiritual values.


The meeting of positive virtues with success in every aspect of life is an unfailing criterion of quality for civilizations.

Without the primacy of positive virtues nothing can stand or exist, whatever, socialism, democracy, republic, society, culture.. you name it, nothing.


Freedom in what matters the development of personality, research and artistic/creative expression is respectfull and important, but when it comes to economy and private enterprise/enterprising leads then these have to be submitted to a culture and its political instrument, the republic, not unrestrained but for contributing to the wellness of the general quality of life and the general good of life.


Technique or technical knowledge and economy remain nothing more than tools as much as useful or needful can be. And a tool can be as much as destructive as creative. It depends on the hands that hold the tools. So, it can't work fairly if it isn't culturally driven.

The moralization of the best self-interest hunting and the idealization of antagonism is ridiculous and philosophically thoughtless and has eventually led to "elitism" and "social darwinism". The so called "free market" has to be redefined by strict rules and restrictions in size & extent so to be truely free (which means pluralist) and civilized, and not end in a pyramidical oligopolian asphyxiation. The "big heads" among the international community seems to neglect the truth that resources are not unlimited and consequences-free in social & environmental terms, that the earth is a small planet and human life impermanent. Therefore, i disagree with liberal capitalism's camouflaged amoralism.


The super liberal market hasn't relied culturally on nothing more than the lifestyle's superficiality, public relations' fakeness and gossip subculture's paranoia we have been fed by the media so much, a manically distorted reality based on hedonism & luxury pursuit.

Man is not a static item in need of technical tutoring to gain freedom (more access) to the markets to find self-realization. Technical tutoring, sophistication of transaction, image making, all these do not make man essentially advanced. Humans are not robots and blind/lifestyle driven consumerism is not of essential character and doesn't grant substantialness.

Life is not a game or gamble because it's ridden by uncertainty and tragicalness and oftenly ends unhappilly, life looks more like a difficult school and a long rough uphill path in the fog.


Although, i distance myself from chauvinism and prefer to have a more cultural consciousness (indo-european spirituality/romanticism), i'm also opposed against homogenization or ethnocide policies (like the one in Tibet) and always find myself a friend of tribal/traditionalist cultures and ethnopluralism. People come together through culture and arts, not by force, wealth or obsessions. Arts, nature-loving, athletics, science, philosophy, this is what is essential in life.


And this is what i love about the traditionalist aspect, that what values in life and what is perceived as accomplishment is not commercial success or accumulation of wealth, but the expanding of conciousness by understanding Nature, its essence and its mysteries, by searching the first causes of the cosmos and existance and its evolution, by identifying man's possibilities and responsibilities, by advancing fair manners and noble way of living, by perfecting arts and literature, by guidance through the spirit's transformations. And why? Why all these? Because mortal life, life on earth, is only a state of existance. Furthermore, existance is not random, pointless, nonsense, or even worse perceived as a soulless machine subject to human arbitrariness and each being's existance is a part of this larger existance, of a self-conscious or an impersonal/collective conscious nature ' of nature, light, gaia, cosmic soul, universal mind...



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Yes i find it OK.

Otherwise i would probably not be posting in this forum. :ph34r: :ph34r:


I would be a total hipocrite if i had something against traveling to other countries and breaking cultural/social norms and laws.

(f.ex. traveling to india, taking drugs, dressing inappropriately, dancing to loud foreign music... not giving a flying fuck, that's how this scene begun.)


Do you think such behavior is ok as long as it's for pleasure but not fore those in need? Please explain. <_<:P

Im not talking about travelling, Im talking about abusing social security system to do nothing but live on welfare and then go burn cars, beat up white people when they wander into migrant neighbourhood.


Getting back? Do you really think refugee migration is on par with murder and enslavement of millions? :huh:

Do you think the poor EU countries have the right to put people on a plane against their will and send them in to a warzone? :blink:

Should we close the door on refugees and just hope they die quietly? :unsure::wacko:


Please react agressively and insulting. Im a troll, it feeds my ego. :lol: :lol: :D



I do think that those EU countries who have nothing to do with exploiting resources and humans in other parts of the worlds as well as throughout the historical periods of time, shouldnt be obliged to take responsibility for, say, Britains or France's historical mess.

In my country for one, great deal of injustice has been created during soviet occupation, till this day we have hundreds of thousands of illegal settlers who were brought into our country(part of them have obtained citizenship, others refrain from doin so) in order to make our culture vanish, our language disappear. And now when I imagine that theres still alot to do to make sure that those who respect this country integrate and those who dont leave it, that now someone within EU will demand us to take in more foreigners, it makes me pretty fired up on the issue. Especially if you take into consideration that were very small nation and have had our un-fair share of problems with soviets trying to get rid of our culture, language and us as such. Also, since Ive been witness of how un-willing imigrants tend to be in regards to integrating into society, Im not willing to allow for more of such subjects to enter my country and behave disgracefully.

I for one wouldnt expect to be given benefits just because I ask them, I have to earn them, I dont believe a person should receive all the goods and luxuries just for free, just because of being lazy bastard who is too damn stupid to try to fix things at his homeland and instead goes abroad in vast numbers just to seek good life at the expense of someones else paid taxes and exploit the system.

Now, bare minimum is OK, but living for years on benefits and not working and then going out into the streets and wrecking havoc is, well, they are asking to be sent back from where they came from.


You dont go around your neighbours apartments looking for the one with the freshest paintjob, you work, make money, buy paint and tools and do the fucking paintjob in your own apartment instead of being parasite.

Unless your country and people been sucked out of the blood by said neighbours, I see no reason to ask for free goodies just because thy neighbours might be slightly stupid in this regard.


I guess we come from different historical background, hence the differences in opinions.

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