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Rubix Qube - Dark Continent


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Artist: Rubix Qube

Title: Dark Continent

Label: Spectral Records

Date: May, 2012


1. Dark Continent

2. Sneaky Snake Eyes

3. Important Announcement

4. Brain Wave

5. Not Physically Possible

6. Demon Speeding

7. No Time

8. 7 Deadlies



"This is not physically possible."


Yet here we are. Rubix Qube is Kieron Grieve and I don't think he gets the accolades he deserves. Another South African churning out quality South African psytrance that simply flies under the radar. His album Ulterior Motives and the EP Saturate are prime examples of quality night time goodness. With this album there is a techno influence that he blends seamlessly with the power he's known for. It's chunky and metallic at times, but he can also buttsmack you with eminently danceable grooves. The tracks are frequently evolving, but with none of that repeated start and stop nonsense.


Thank you. No really...thank you.


When he thinks it's time for some hip gyrations he stays with the rhythm. Samples are well placed, but not overdone and the guitar he uses is not of the cheesy variety. It's got some bite. Also his bass lines are the type you can feel in your chest. Sneaky Snake Eyes is bad ass psychedelia, Not Physically Possible is acidic funkiness (dirty morning dry mouth made out with middle aged smoker chick funky), and any time you can essentially remix a Rob Zombie track...well that's a gold escalator to Heaven with zero waiting as far as I'm concerned. Haven't heard a heavy remix this good since sHiFt demolished Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. And to end with 7 Deadlies? A track that magnificently changes shape like so much smoke is f*cking fantastic.


I think I got carpel tunnel from hitting the repeat button on that one.





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