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Artist: Ascent

Title: I Will Fly Again

Label: Goa Records

Date: January, 2013


1. Purple Moon

2. Himalayas

3. Sense of Touch

4. Mystical Forest

5. Tear Drops (feat. Sideeffected)

6. When The Night Comes


I don't have my finger on the pulse of the psytrance scene. I've never attended a party or met an artist or DJ. I have read Mushroom Magazine a couple of times, but there was a lot of words and half of it was in Dutch and I got bored. I prefer to let the music speak to me. This is after all "trance" in various forms so it should capture my attention and take me to another place.


And this guy continues to do this.


Ascent is Bojan Stojiljkovic abd he has released a bunch of EP's that I am sorting through as well as numerous albums. And so far everything I've heard has been magical. Transformative. Conscious raising. Whether it's progressive trance or downtempo and ambient with his brother Argus the detail captivates. Lush is an understatement and he does so much with simple bass lines. The melodies are gentle and comforting and can be uplifting or ominous. And a surefire way to hook me? Give your music a bit of goa flavor.


I imagine progressive is approaching the saturation point where it becomes a punch line much the same way full-on did. Where so much of it was being produced that it all began to sound the same. Eyes would roll and groans would sound. Maybe. Like I said I don't have the word on the street, but as long as beautiful music like this is being created I'm still gonna listen.


Go ahead...make fun of me and roll your eyes. I can take it.








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