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"V/A - Back To Galaxy"


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Artist: Various

Title: Back To Galaxy

Label: Com.Pact Records

Date: November, 2005


1. Astral Projection - Open Society

2. Electro Sun - High Cue

3. Bizzare Contact Vs. Ultravoice - UltraBizzy

4. Space Cat Vs. Onyx - Time Wolers

5. Xerox Vs. Passenger - Science Is God (Ultravoice Rmx)

6. U-Recken - The Other Side (Visual Paradox Edit)

7. Visual Contact - Natural Vibes

8. Ferbie Boys Vs. Bizzare Contact - Superheroes

9. Cosmic Tone - Bite The Moon

10. Wizzy Noise - Tubeless (Lish Rmx)



"Oh! That's kind of freaky!"




Freaky? I think the word you're searching for here is disappointing. Yeah that's got it. Disappointing. Like a bland meatloaf. Maybe continual disappointment would be even more accurate. A compilation by Com.Pact with all of the usual suspects who create the fluffy full-on that was well underway at the time. I remember when this came out there was a hope that we would actually see a release from the perpetually dormant masters of goa trance. 9 years later and a seemingly endless string of delayed release dates and we still got nothing.


Well when I wrote this we had nothing. Now we have remixes and a mix CD of classics that we've all heard a thousand times. Back to this disc, well we go the Open Society track, but that ain't bringing anyone back to the glory days. But hey they put their name on a comp and it generates interest doesn't it? Even if there's the slightest chance they put out some new go we come running like sheep and they know that. If they were actually serious about releasing anything they'd bring something to Suntrip or DAT or other labels who currently specialize in bringing back the old school. The tracks here aren't terrible (actually the Visual Contact mix is particularly disgusting), but they're just more of the same crap we've been force fed by these artists and labels. Unsatisfying and devoid of depth. I understand your desire to remain relevant, but putting your name on tired worn out cheese convinces me you gots nothing.




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