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FREE Link here: (WAV) http://www.mediafire.com/download/wauarya8agzrb5t/VA+-+Psychedelic+Moments_compiled+by+dj+Django_%28F5Rec%29+2014_%28WaV%29.rar
(mp3) http://www.mediafire.com/download/70xzndnjf4k5p8a/VA+-+Psychedelic+Moments_compiled+by+dj+Django+%28F5+Rec%29+2014.rar





Fantastic 5 Records proudly presents: VA - Psychedelic Moments

-compiled by: dj Django
-Label: Fantastic 5 Records
-Catalog No. F5FDVA004
-Format: Digital FREE download
-Artwork by: Alexis
-Release Date: 2 May 2014

1.Statmatica - Rumpelstilzchen
2.Broko Broko - Light Sensor
3.Voice Of Dharma - Paradise
4.Triscele - Space Dharma
5.Dolby Caramel - Lost and Found
6.Voice Of Dharma - Listen To Me
7.Algae Bloom - Divinity
8.Jirah - Positive Charge
9.Psycobold - Distorted Space
10.Blazing Noise - World Of Revolution
11.Fobi - Big Bada Boom
12.Hysteria - Confession Black Crow
13.Zoomorfos - Blood Killer
14.Halucinogenic Organisms - African Tribes Dark Side
15.Frequencyjammers - Rikerdamm
16.Lost Reflection - Manipulation
17.PsadA - Streetfire
18.The Paco Project - Biotechnology

[total running time: 2:25:35]

-mastered by: Alexander Skembris (dj Django) at Mushlight Studios, Greece.
*except track no.11 mastered by Fobi

''This compilation is for digital free download only, you don't have my permission to sell it, reproduce it in any hard form
like vinyl or cd with the purpose to sell it or collect any royalties. Contact me for any inquires or licences''.

e-mail: djangomusic@yahoo.com

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