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Ziptnf - Nightmare Demon [dark progressive psytrance]


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Just in time for Halloween, I bring you a mix loaded with some serious weaponry. This one packs a heavy punch, featuring some extremely dark and scary tracks. Be prepared for monstrous basslines, creepy atmospheres, and high quality dark progressive psytrance.

Kromagon - Maximal Degressive [Zenon]

Flicker Light - Mental Evolution [Maia Brasil]

Wizack Twizack - Lejon [Ovnimoon]

Metahumanizer - Non Synthesized [b.A.B.A]

The Funk Lab - Bright Lights (Dragon Remix) [Funk Lab]

Mental Immersion - The Suffering Soul [1 Single Label]

Darkol Trinity - Mental Telepathy [Kaleidoscopic Earth]

Attik - Tonika [solar Tech]

Sancho Pancho - Secrets [Prog On]

The Riddler - Eleven (Lyctum Remix) [TesseracTstudio]

Freegen - Perfect Organism [Tandava]

Left-click to download:


Edit: I should mention that the recommended listening for this mix is in a dark room with quality headphones or speakers with a subwoofer (provided you don't live in an apartment complex). If you don't have anything that can supply the bass, the mix will have no power to it. Listen to it loud and with the bass turned up.

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