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Artist: Various

Title: Sea Weed

Label: Aquatec Records

Date: November, 1996


1. Coneheads - Wildfowl Calling (Quacked-up Mix)

2. Tristan - Close Zen Counters

3. Sephalopod - Elliptical Orbits

4. Tristan - Paraphernalien

5. Faction - Deadlock

6. Neuro Electric - J. Edgar

7. Brian Shiva - Intensity One

8. Deviancy - In Too Deep

9. Metallic Heart - Children of the Night


"Something to think about."


I'm a little shocked this one hasn't been reviewed. Checked the search and couldn't find it. Anyway...Sea Weed. Do you know there are people who actually eat this sh*t? They call it a superfood. No real evidence to support this, but they say it may improve heart health, may regulate hormones, and is high in nutrients. All good things, but I don't know if I want to eat a food that looks the same going in as it does going out. But I've eaten at Arby's so it can only be an improvement.


This album has a lot of Tristan and of course the label owner. You can do that when you own the label. I would file this under the experimental and psychedelic goa trance heading with a heavy techno influence. Similar to the stuff that Anjuna and Zion604 are pumping out today. There are lots of squeaks and digital farts. The diversity here is what makes this a gem that flies under the radar. Most of the tracks were pretty good with some good depth, just not spectacular. The one that was spectacular for me was In Too Deep. And I ain't talkin' bout Genesis. That one was a crunchy acidic monster with tumbling waves of sizzling energy. Like using a light saber to cut through a stick of butter. Really liked the Faction track as well.


So if you're into more Psychaos or Slinky Wizard and less Dimension5 then grab this if you can find it.



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