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Talpa - Letter From Vienna EP


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Artist: Talpa

Title: Letter From Vienna EP

Label: TesseracT Studio

Date: June, 2014


1. Letter From Vienna

2. Perfect Psychopath


I don't think Goran even knows who he is any longer. And that's ok. A little selective alzheimers can get you outta some sticky situations. And right back into them if you're the United States government.


"Wait...Iraq again? Yeah I saw this movie. It ends with a lot of pissed off brown people and some unwanted heavy petting from the TSA when I fly to Buffalo.


Whether he's Talpa or The Riddler the man is simply a rock star. Probably touring the world banging hot chicks wherever he touches down. His previous albums and ep's clearly separated the projects. You knew Talpa when you heard it. With this EP however he's become a hybrid or a doppelganger if you will. The eerie melodies of Talpa coalesce with the funky groove of the Riddler on the title track. Beautiful stuff. He straddles the line between progressive and psy easily seen in Perfect Psychopath. Hell that track is all over the place.


He's doing his own thing and keeping it entertaining. If you like his earlier stuff give it a listen.





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