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Artist: Various

Title: Snuff

Label: Terror Lab Industries

Date: July, 2011


1. Brain Hunters - Snuff

2. Ironstein Vs. Dani Filth - Dr. Stein

3. Absense - Litt Avskum

4. Sub-Zero - Antichristvs

5. Dani Filth - The Harvesting V2

6. Ironstein Vs. Excell - Tripple Distilled

7. Damage - Blowing Up Your Speakers

8. Hiyamyzo - Pussy Power

9. Zinx - Articulator

10. Stereopanic - Viper

11. NRS - Evil Men






"Hit me...hit me so it hurts."


Good...God this terrible. Why do I keep doing this to myself? Forget the fact that the subject matter is reprehensible. The music itself is one buildup and d-list horror move sample after another. For those that don't know a snuff film is a film that shows an actual murder of a human being. Now Terrorlab Industries has made it a business model to shock. All you have to do is look at their album covers. At some point (um, we are way f*cking past that point) the shock value wears off and now you have to stand on the quality of the music.


Well, see...now we've got a problem.


The atmosphere as you may have guessed is dark with hammering bass lines. Incessant build ups and a structure that manages to crawl in that fetid dank space between darkpsy and night time full-on. Usually I can find a few tracks on their compilations that make the misery a little more bearable.


Not here. This album reminds me of the goth kid in high school who dressed in black and wore trench coats. He always gave you a hateful look and was into some pretty twisted sh*t. Well he secretly had a crush on the head cheerleader and built it up in his mind that he was just misunderstood. If he could only explain to her and show her his true heart, she would see he was in pain and that all of "this" was just an elaborate act. Naturally she's horrified by this guy and spurns his advances. Next thing you know she and the whole squad are found in pieces in this psycho's fridge.


I think these guys need a sabbatical to find some inner peace. Right now their music is all the same just with different album covers. You know what might be cool? If they did a dark ambient album...Yeah, that would work. Same vibe without the brutality.


Because this world cannot afford to lose any more cheerleaders.











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