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"V/A - Limitless"


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Artist: Various

Title: Limitless

Label: Koyote Records

Date: 1997


1. Menis - Fluff Killer

2. Virtuart - Time Cruncher

3. Encens - Venus Zen

4. Semsis - Mind Games

5. Miranda - Timeless Worlds of Space

6. Xenomorph - Nevrotoxin

7. Underhead - Unify Feeling

8. Miranda - Concorde (Transportation Mix)

9. Encens - Spirit It Transgression

10. Ominus - Sunimo


Signs of the coming apocalypse couldn't be any clearer. Of course you have your plagues, famines, and earthquakes. Those are easy to see. I mean they were written down. It's in print. But I invite you to dig a little deeper.


Clearly 8 full seasons of Full House angered the powers that be.




Ugh. Normally I wouldn't want to punch a toddler because they sh*t their pants and that's enough punishment, but...



I believe Snoop's introduction of izzle to our lexicon and every white pre-teen's adoption of it thereafter is cause for concern.




*Thumbs thru bible* Where's that in the back somewhere?



The Hilton-Kardashian-Lohan triumvirate, also known as the 3 stooges principle has wreaked more than its fair share of havoc on our innocent planet. By the way can we all agree that the video camera has become the lighted movie theater floor to our downfall? Now that it is readily available mothers of three and sleeveless git-r-done hillbilly's are unleashing torrents of sex tapes in hopes of becoming the next trio of idiocy. Sorry Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama...didn't mean to rain on your GDP.


But most importantly it's how this compilation never got reviewed. It's comprised of some of the biggest names in the goa trance genre with blistering tracks laden with acid and melody. 303 sounds are the rule here and it is old school all the way. Every track is stellar with absolutely zero filler. Is it because these tracks are readily available on other compilations? I will concede that it is not essential for that reason, but to not have it's rightful place on the review board is unacceptable.


So if the world is gonna end and I still have electricity in my bunker underground, this one is coming with me.



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