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Brainforest - Remastered


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Artist: Brainforest

Title: Remastered

Label: Zion 604

Date: November, 2012


1. El Dorado

2. Story Teller

3. Spider Hands

4. Beyond Earth

5. Brain Forest

6. Impulsive Waves

7. Descender of Evil

8. Astrology

9. Goby Desert


"What are we dealing with some type of new outbreak or a plague?"


I wouldn't call it a plague. You make it sound so dirty and...diseasey. Fact of the matter is we are currently living through a time where everything old is new again. We've got a taste and brother we like it!


Brainforest was Roy Sason with the chap from Illumination. He's solo now and this album was originally released back in 98 as Mr. Trance on Typhoon Records. Then Total Trance by...Total Trance. But don't forget about Total Trance Music released by...you know what?




Seriously guys what the f*ck? This reminds me of when Stephen King puts out the same book with a different cover. Well the version I have is the brand new remastered version released by Zion 604. A label not coincidentally run by Roy. Their mantra? Keep the goa spirit alive. And like labels Anjuna and DAT Records that is just what they do. Sure this has been released three other times, but it ain't like I've ever heard. It's a mix of goa, psy, and nitzhonot and it's intense. Smashing to the accelerator to floor melodies fly fast...and...furious.




Too soon? His ghost would like this. I know it would. Although maybe if he listened to something like Simon and Garfunkel he would still be alive. On second thought he'd probably kill himself.


Synth riffs twist and turn in a blur of psychedelic haste. Going from bubbling to screaming and back again. It's a pretty deep release and under appreciated based on the lack of chatter on these forums. Sometimes it does those cheesy nitzho key changes, but they're brief so don't take points away for that. Spider Hands is when the sh*t begins to hit the fan. Goa with a heavy dose of electronic weirdness. But he kicks it up a notch with Brainforest as that is a storming track. Astrology is another barn burner.


It really is a nice mixture of goa with a psychedelic edge. I imagine it will really appeal to those who feel goa trance these days has gotten itself into a formulaic mess. Zion604 continues to release quality stuff and I enthusiastically recommend this.






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