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Summer Time!


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Always wanted to go to Fusion, but every year I forget about that festival until it is to late :P They have that lotto for tickets, right?



yep, tickets by lottery only. it can be an annoying policy, but i do respect the organizers they have a very punk ethos and the festival is unique because of this :)

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S.U.N festival and a small road trip of the Balkans for me (Albania, Montenegro, Croatia). There are 3 or 4 small festivals in Greece this summer but I don't really care about going to any of them, I'd rather spend the weekend at the beach or maybe have some good old commercial hedonism at Mykonos with all the gay ppl.


Maybe Connection in October and I'm definetly going to the annual Twisted reccords event at the end of October. Would love to go to the "Return to the source" 21st Bday at the first of August but flights are too expensive that time of the year.


Cool! I have been to Albania a few years ago. My god what a strange country... Some people had so many balconies on their mega houses that half of the balconies didn't have a door to actually get on it :S


A lot of Psynewsers are thinking about going to Connection. Super! It is going to be a great festival for sure and the last before I take of for India!


Nobody else going to Balkan Goa Fanatics? We should support this festival and the balkan goa artists 100%!

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my plans this year are a little crazy ;p


I've had two parties/festivals so far.

The first was a one night show on May 9th in Boulder, Colorado for the Twisted/TIP records show. Here I saw Dick Trevor play a Green Nuns set that ended with a few Dickster tracks I believe. Hallucinogen set and Joe Russo played drums - that was ok but Simon being there was worth it. Raja Ram was all over. some classic tip releases/stash bag stuff and cheesey psy. Man that guy is energetic though.


Smoke on the Water 2 festival here in NY was this past weekend the 16th-18th. Seeing Rastaliens/Southwild perform under each name is always a fun one. This has been my third time seeing him do that. He's kind of a local since he's in Toronto, Canada not too far away and good buddies with my friend who threw the event.

Mullet Mohawk/Pavel Svimba had two awesome sets! I had a Mullet Mohawk video on youtube (Echo Lake)

several dj friends there killed it!



SUN Festival

Absolum & Christof set, Prana (Tsuyoshi set), Slinky Wizard, Shakta, Bumbling Loons, Logic Bomb classic set, Man With No Name, Hallucinogen, Pleiadians, Etnica, Vibrasphere set, Dickster, X-Dream, Eat Static - have to catch these! interested in more

chill stage - Aes Dana, Carbon Based Lifeforms, BB303(as suggested from the other thread), Jame Monro minimal set, Atmos, Sync24, Solar Fields, Ott, Vibrasphere again, George Barker.



Scorb, Koxbox, Ozric Tentacles, Dick Trevor, Poli, Nuky, Braincell, Rastalians & Southwild, Chromatone, Astral Projection, Deedrah, Ajja.



Medicine Drum, Dick Trevor 3hr set, Green Nuns, Penta (just noticed him!), Filteria, Man With No Name, Hux Flux, Eat Static, Nebula Meltdown, Parasense, Shane Gobi, System 7, Loopus in Fabula


Goa Connection (NY) - not much announced so far.

Dickster, Shoom, Bloodwing & Sanguine Mandragoa, Goadream, Braincell Circuit Breakers, Burn in Noise, Psypien,Eduardo Dudu, Izzy.


Equinox - a chunk of friends playing here & the above event.

Shoom, Bloodwing, Sanguine Mandragoa, Kameleon, Goadream, MadHatter, Kri, Hypnotoad, Om Olak, Dragram, Witchdokta, Martian Arts, Annunaki.


lots of artists listed Im not the most familiar with but have been seeing their names for years hence my interest in seeing them.

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