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"V/A - Forensic Science Vol. 2"

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Artist: Various

Title: Forensic Science Vol. 2

Label: Iono Music

Date: January, 2014


1. Sad Paradise - Super Junkie

2. Skyfall - Triplet

3. Ritmo - The Way We Are (Lifeforms Remix)

4. Zyce & Aquafeel - I Am The Sunlight

5. Ace Ventura & Darma - Acidcore (Egorythmia Remix)

6. Darma - Paradigma

7. Roger Rabbit - Single Snapshot

8. Egorythmia & E-Clip - Time Travellers

9. Sonic Entity - Mental Universe



"There is more to reality than meets the normal eye."



I'll always have a soft spot for Iono.








No, that's not it. That either, look stop touching me. Just...stay over there before I have to get human resources involved.


Iono has been top dog for quite awhile in the lush melodic progressive market very rarely taking a misstep. Their music doesn't just make you want to dance...it involves you. Catches you up in a detailed vortex as effects resonate at every turn. It really is all about atmosphere with this label and in particular this compilation. When you call out the forensics team it means a terrible crime has been committed. So not really the time for light heartedness. Some of the tracks pack a heavier punch resembling psytrance more than progressive, but they all have one thing in common.


The rich compositions take you from your world to their dark and intricate one. As usual it's melodic and effects heavy with the overall vibe of malice lurking in the shadows. The music breathes and crackles with futuristic energy. Zero bad tracks and an experience that is greater on a full listen through.


Several other labels have challenged their supremacy recently perhaps sensing the old dog could no longer hunt. But with this outstanding release the rumors of Iono's demise have been greatly exaggerated.


The names may change, but the quality remains the same. Highly recommended.










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