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HypoGeo- Tree of Lies


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In my opinion, HypoGeo's Tree of Lies album is one of the important productions of 2012 in dark-progressive genre of psytrance music. There is a deep and dark sound existed in his sound and this is what distinguishes him from many other producers. He loves to make music and you can feel this when you listen him.

HypoGeo- Tree of Lie

Released: 2012

Record Label: Zenon Records

Genre: Dark Progressive

Album Cover of Tree of Lies




01. HypoGeo - Micro/drama

02. HypoGeo Feat Nomolos - Walking On A Frozen Lake

03. HypoGeo - Plyomatik

04. HypoGeo - The Lamb Of Dog

05. Sensient - Cluster Fuck (HypoGeo Rmx)

06. HypoGeo - Zucòn 37

07. HypoGeo - Trip To Ixtlan

08. HypoGeo - Macro\drama

You can read a good review about HypoGeo from here, http://www.shamanictea.com/psytrance-music-hypogeo/ and reach the SoundCloud profile from here https://soundcloud.com/hypogeo

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one of my favourite recent albums


there is a very strong and sharp edge to all his sounds, they really pierce the headphones - punching bass, snapping snares, crisp fx. but this strength of sound helps get his ideas to you as best as possible. the grooves are proggy, but the strength of sound gives them a very ominous feeling...this is never openly horrific but there is a very dark tone at work...his atmospheres, FX design and rhythm tracks are all top notch.


this album still gets repeat listens almost 2 years later, i highly recommend it

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