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Braincell -5th Album


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Artist: Braincell

Title: 5th Album

Label: BooM! Records

Date: December, 2013


1. Earthlinked
2. Clash Of Power
3. Distorted Energy
4. Melting Point
5. Circles
6. Tricky Trippy
7. Space Union
8. New Cycle
9. Waverider
10. Setting Things Free



With his 5th album Ralph Knobloch decided save all of his creativity for the music, essentially telling the title of the album to go f*ck itself. Which I guess is the way to go. Would rather have a brilliant album and a generic title than a really imaginative one with a sh*t sandwich on the inside. Getting to the music I have gone back and forth with this release having written two reviews. I know what you're thinking...


Don't you have a life?


Yes I do, but music is a big part of it and I want to get it right. If you compare this to his first three albums (not coincidentally the ones released by Glowing Flame Records) this continues the trend of Intelligent Being where the melodies are pared down and less prevalent than those earlier albums. It's thumping psy with electric energy for sure. The sound is very visceral and liquid with the feel that is distinctly Braincell. When he does unfurl the melodies the taste of goa isn't far behind. However when I gave it a go the first few times it didn't grab me. The album doesn't have any tracks that stand out or are stellar. That said, this is one of those where repeated listens have put me in his Imax and now I see it all. It's a solid release that while not nearly as brilliant as Transformation of Reality it's still one I am happy to have in my collection.








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