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Best portable speakers for psytrance


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Hi all! Gonna post my first post here. :D

Want to share some experience and maybe ask some advices if someone know.. The subject is Portable Speaker Systems which are best for listening psytrance music. Topic dedicated not to headphones and home audio systems. Only portable format please, for traveling highly into the mountains, deeply into the forests and simply on the road. I think such devices can be useful sometimes because nature can be the greatest set'n'settin for any listening experience! ;)

Basic requirements:

- backpack friendly size and weight. Better if it will be classical brick-like form.. dock stations and different exotic forms are not for traveling but for home listening.
- 8 hours of playtime from the battery at least. AA rechargeable batteries possible too.
- AUX input (i will use only it. Bluetooth is not so good in terms of battery use and sound quality.
- 6watt + power. No need really high volumes.. but sound quality and balance needed.



I've been choosing from quality models. There are tonns of very cheap made in china speakers with not good sound.. lets avoid them.

Psytrance is a special type of music. I think speaker system (especially such portable) must be 2.0 channel without a subwoofer. Sub makes bass muddy and localized and it effects on balance clarity. I didnt saw any subwoofer system that plays psytrance ok.
Don't need too much bass. Bass must be "tight", not muddy and overpowered. Sub bass must be good also. Detailed high and mids also important. (As for me im listening mostly deep mental darksy, often on high speed bpms and lots of frequences).

If someone have such systems, can share some experience or needs an advice - welcome to discussion.
In my next post i will tell something about my experiences with it.


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Now few words about my experience i already had with such type speakers:


My last try was Grain Audio PWS http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/reviews/entry/grain-audio-pws-01-packable-wireless-system/


I saw many good reviews on it and decided to buy. Now im returning it back.

Pity that i ordered it before there was a review of it on this site.

When i tested it with my music ive got too overpowered muddy bass over other frequences.. Psytrance electronic music was unlistenable on this speaker. I was unsure that "passive bass radiator" will create subwoofer-like effect.. but what ive got was really terrible. After it i affraid to order something without pre-listening and affraifd of all this passive bass radiators.


Also tested:


Philips Fidelio P9WHT


Was tested in the shop.

The good. The sound is "big", very loud, balance is ok.

The bad. Phillips makes their own sound signature which can be described as "soft" on all frequences. This is heared in many phillips speakers and is bad coz its not the "real" sound. Dont want to listen to such sound signature everytime in every track. The charge is impossible via USB so i have i risk of getting low battery without opportunitty to charge via travel usb charger.


Philips Shoqbox SB7220


Again same thing with "Phillips" mild sound. Little stereo panorama. Muddy sound.


Creative Airwave HD


"tiny" plastic sound. Not enough detailed and crisp. Sound changing when i just slight move my head left or right.


Sony SRS-BTX300


Simply bad.. dirty sound.. splashing muddy bass. Heavy, glossy, uncomfortable for wearing.


Most of all i like some JBL speakers.. their sound was the best for me.. Its real, detailed and balanced.

but form wasn't. They all like boomboxes for home listening, not travel.

JBL Charge got subwoofer at left and its too small for me.

JBL flim is tiny also.



So, for now i only have alot of compromises which unables me to choose anything.

I really like CES 2014 announced Braven BRV-X speaker which design is simple awesome for my needs. http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/reviews/entry/braven-brv-x-bluetooth-wireless-speaker/

But i afraid this Passive bass radiator will make same thing i've got with Grain Audio PWS speaker.. and wall charger option without usb charge makes me confused.. But if it 12 hours.. its ok.. just hope it will REALLY survive this 12 hours on middle volume via AUX.. even no bluetooth.


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Right now i want to give a try to this Audio-Technica AT-SPB50

Speaker which is avaliable via Japan Import delivery and cost 200$ including shipping.

This stuff is exotic.. it dont have bluetooth which i personally dont need at all, and works from 8AA batteries (this can be solved by using good recheargeable accu's). Well, i dont pay for features that i don't need.

With size big enough and weight 2.2kg's there are still some reviews from people who saying its portable enough. And such size can give some procs on sound.. also Audio Technika is known for its well balanced sound signature.. i hope there will be neutral and balanced sound. It looks more serious than most of other speakers..
There 2 70mm full range drivers.. but people say that bass is tight and not overpowered and mids and highs are crisp too. Almost all information about it is in japaneese.. rolleyes.gif


Maybe someone can advice me something about this one? Its so hard to buy such things without pre-listening but it seems to be the only choise for me.



There are too videos but the music in them is not psytrance




Also, about 70mm drivers. Maybe someone know is it a good choise? Will there be enough highs and a tight, not overpowered bass.

Any information and suggestions will be great!

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I am a long time user of the Bose Soundlink. Portable, at least 8 hours speaker life (using Bluetooth and at a decent volume, I usually get around 16 hours from a charge at lower volumes) it has Bluetooth but it also has AUX input. Most importantly it sounds great even when you turn it up to full volume. For a portable speaker I couldn't recommend anything over this. I tried a few and this blew them all out of the water.


There is also a newer, more compact version available that I haven't bought yet. However I heard that the sound is almost as impressive as the soundlink proper and it's smaller and cheaper. I want to buy it but I am not allowed :(

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I've been wacthing on Bose speakers too.


There is new version of Soundlink presented few weeks ago, Soundlink III



First look: http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/reviews/entry/bose-soundlink-bluetooth-speaker-iii/


They say it have improved sound and battery life..

Well.. what you told about 16 hours on low volumes sounds great.

Things that confusing me are that it doesnt have a USB charge option and the fact that i can listen to it before i buy.


Maybe i will order it if that Audio Technica will be not so good. Now im waiiting a reply about it from some sources and also from official site..

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I think in terms of sound quality this one must be great.



IK Multimedia ILOUD http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/iloud/


Review: http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/reviews/entry/ik-multimedia-iloud-portable-personal-studio-monitor/



Video Comparison with Bose Soundlink III:


I think Iloud have much more tight and accurate bass whats is great for psytrance, more crispy sound and clearer highs. And its not having that single passive radiator that Bose speakers have. I think for psytrance listeners this will be very important.


The only things i dont like is that huge AC wall adaptor, and the tall brick form of the speaker.

I think if take this stuff with you when travel first must care about special travel charger that supports 9v AC output. I hate this, and Bose have this issue too. Better if they all can work with AA rechargeable batteries. Don't want catch a low battery when im far away from home.


Maybe such things can solve it: http://www.amazon.com/20000mAh-Quad-Port-Portable-External-Camcorder/dp/B005NGLTZQ/ref=pd_sim_cps_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1KSVD12GJBWJ4Z2A9GMQ

I see it has 9v output port.


I think someone must try this speaker coz i have some hopes on it.

Im now waiting a EMS package with that exotic Audio Technica. Will write a small review when it will arrive!

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That sounds good but a bit on the large side. The bose soundlink is as big as I'd like to get in a portable speaker.


Ahhrr.. is it wify that got your spending in the lock-down!?! :P

yes :(
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So, today took the Audio Technica AT-SPB 50 . EMS from Japan came in my province for five days , setting an absolute record of delivery.

Positive impression , hurray! One of these days , maybe I will do a mini video review .


The speaker is quite large, about as 2 liter bottle , only a square , with carrying handles and legs with 15 degree angle. Build quality is solid, appearance and tactile feeling are excellent . Powered by batteries as well as by 9V DC , the sound is same , no lacking of the power when using batteries.
Sound signature is rather monitor . No embellishment pattern or highlighting something in the sound. Having Headphones from Audio Technica - ATH M50, I can say that sound signature is same for both devices.

Balanced and detailed sound , all frequencies are existing, there is no predominance of anything. Stereo panorama can be heard clearly. Total volume is average, but it is enough , especially for the stated 3.6 watt * 2 . Despite the rather large size of the speaker there no strong bass vibe, even on tracks with strong bass from vibration, but the bass is tight and pleasant .
In the Audio Technica bass does not create a lot of pressure and air vibe , but it still is nice and i like it. Maybe some people will not like this , but for me it is just what I was looking for , especially considering the portable format of the speaker .
Highs do not cut the ear , but they are all in place, and have a good level of detalisation .
Speaker plays greta at small and at high volume . Play best being close and a short distance . Not very critical to the location of the listener directly in front on the center, moving to the side or back not strongly affect the sound.
The overall picture is
Broadband 70mm drivers plays nice with different musical styles , pop rock, heavy metal and electronics, downtempo.. all played perfectly, even complex tracks were fine .

Those who need high volume and the filling of the whole room with the sound , strong bass that will be felt around by the waves , as well as decorated or soft sound - i can't recommend. Look for products of Bose Soundlink III, IK Multimedia Iloud, Phillips Fidelio P9 and others.
I'm very pleased with the product i've got , especially after a few hours warming up: bass gets some depth and recoil slightly increased. I will test further.

For psytrance and chill out electronic music listeners i can highly recommend this one!
I tried enough of such type speakers already and this is gonna be the best one for me!
Ofcourse you've got to read all procs and cons that i described in this post! Boom!

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