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Artist: Various

Title: Anairam

Label: Replicant Records

Date: December, 2013


1. Armagetlam - D_Maniac

2. Psykodeliak - Rabdom L

3. Exploding - Shuumat

4. Criminal Phenomenon - A-Mush

5. Bedtime Story (Iliuchina Remix) - Orca





Hey baby, how you doin'? Guapa Lee you say? That's a nice maxi ep you compiled there. I'd offer you some assistance, but you seem more than capable of some heavy lifting. This is an outstanding ep that began horribly. Imagine picking up a ridiculously hot chick (or, dude I suppose...whatever you're into...I don't judge.) and right when she gets in the car she rips a lengthy, wet, and obnoxious fart. Roll down your windows nasty.




Awkward. But don't get hung up on that smelly turd from d_maniac because you'll be richly rewarded. The rest is thumping nighttime psy with huge amounts of apsi.


Acid per square inch.


Some of the tracks have too much stopping and starting, but they're good enough to let it slide. A-mush rarely disappoints, but the Iliuchina remix steals the show. Dark and eerie with danceability set to maximum. Great job by most involved and here's hoping for a second date and an attempt at second base.





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