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Ritmo - Music From Heaven - The Remixes


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Artist: Various

Title: Music From Heaven - The Remixes

Label: Blue Tunes Recordings

Date: November, 2010



1. Music From Heaven (original mix)

2-8. Sh*tty copycat progressive mixes





Blood...f*cking boiling...


Why in the hell does this continue to occur? A remix album with multiple versions of the same track. Although that is misleading because versions implies that there is something different.


It's the same. F*cking. Track. Let's start with the original which sucked in its own right, but that's ok. It's better that way because a talented artist can turn water into wine. Worked out well for Jesus. But I guess all these people are happy drinking from the toilet because it's nothing but boring clones, using the same tricks that have been beaten to death. This isn't a remix album...


It's a professional low point. At least I hope it is. I left the room whilst this was in full swing just to see if I missed anything. I did not. Ritmo is Dubi Dagan, a gentleman who has shown he has awesome ability in the progressive trance genre, but unless he's a total Nazi demanding all the remixes sound just like the original, the artists who participated should be ashamed of themselves.


I'm no lawyer, but I think with the word remixes in the title this may be a test case for fraud. The awesome sauce was clearly left off this sh*t sandwich. Seven almost identical mixes plus the original or explosive diarrhea? What a choice, it's like a f*cking Chinese finger trap.


Do yourself a favor and avoid this limp dicked effort at all costs. Music from Heaven? Think you're going the wrong way pal.









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