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New album 2013 from famous artist


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Hey guys, I've to excuse me for my long period of inactivty. But Im back and wanted to discuss about the new releases from famous artists that have been done this year !

What did you like ? What release deceived you ? Do you like how any famous artist evolve ?

I would like to talk about the following stuff :

Juno reactor - The golden sun of the great east


Waouv ! What a come back from juno reactor ! I found this album amazing. Fresh new song using new technology. That sound good and I love it. Ok, maybe this ain't 100% goa trance, but it contains some elements from other genre which make it original !


Electrypnose - E7


I haven't listened to the whole new album from him but I've heard enough track to say that this is a great psytrance album from electrypnose. I even saw him live @timegate festival (Switzerland) the 01.01.2014.


Talamasca - Psychedelic Trance


Well, Im not very happy with this new album from talamasca but at least he give something news. This is definitly sounding like melodic psy-trance more than goa trance but some track like "day dreaming" are still more than ok.



what's your opinion about this ?



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I would like to write something lengthier for Juno Reactor. They really deserve a fresh look from the goa scene. Past albums have strayed very far with the genre, although still very good, but the new one honestly redeems everything people have had an issue with since labyrinth. It's a lot like BibleXShango and I think Final Frontier is one of the coolest throwbacks ever, very hammy and cheesy but it works because it is self-aware.

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