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Ziptnf - Auditory Calculus [mathematic psytrance]


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This mix was originally supposed to be something else entirely, but I deviated from that position when I simply couldn't find any psytrance of those styles that I liked enough to play in a set. So I am back with another "chapter" of my high tech full-power psytrance series with a second mathematical submission. You can find the first one here: Fractal Geometry.

I named this one after calculus because calculus is confusing, and so is my flow and some of my mixing decisions. The first half blazes with highly technical and mathematical glitch and sequence work. The second half blisters with full power night psy. Just like calculus, it's kinda weird, but it makes sense if you think about it.

Twilight - Bass Walk [Airglow]

Digital Tribe - Sweet Dreams (Gemini Remix) [Goa Crops]

Psyrabbit - Get Crazy [Zombster]

Mind Control - Interzaptor [Trance Gold]

Azax Bliss - F_cking Bass [Nutek]

Azax Syndrome & Bizzare Contact - Summer Anxiety [Mainstage]

Ultra Sheriff - Deception, Oil & Laser Beams (Blastoyz vs Sokrates Remix) [sectionZ]

Biokinetix - Ultra Magnus Style (ft. Echo Logic) [EDM]

Khopat - Full Encoding [Hypergate]

Zinx vs Echo Logic - Crazy Nun [Terror Lab]

Brainwash - We Have the Power [Fractal]

Magneto & Brainwash - The Trip [Hypergate]

Zetno Project - Necrovision Last Battle [speedsound]

Enjoy! :D

Image credit to xyrus02.

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