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"V/A - Future Sunrise"


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Artist: Various

Title: Future Sunrise

Label: Hypnotic

Date: 1997


1. Ultravision - Outpost

2. Vectrolab - Tribal Energy

3. Unicon - Fantasia (Edit)

4. Ultravision - The Tunnel (Exclusive CD Edit)

5. Silicon Voice - Future Sunrise

6. Vectrolab - Triathlon

7. Unicon - Labor of Love

8. Ultravision - African Dream (Exclusive CD Mix)

9. Ioncraft - Last Chance




"Come baby, you're my labor of love."


You see it's sh*t like that that makes me want to light you on fire.



Damn you Hypnotic and your re-releaseds! I have a love hate relationship with this label. On the one hand if you wanted electronic music in the colonies this was the go to label. They had so much, damn we almost felt European. They were also the label that first exposed me to goa trance, so for that I am eternally grateful. Psygone? Colorbox? Bypass Unit? Solar Plexus? But they also had this habit of re-releasing albums under different names in what could only be labeled as a cash grab. After they cleaned up all the vomit they repackaged it and presented it 3 years later as Disc 2 of the Trance Goa Experience. You sons o' b*tches!


Take the good with the bad I guess.


But this is just...bad. There are a couple of good tracks that flex some goa muscles, but most of this claptrap is boring trance and hard trance. And don't get me started on whatever that weak ambient closing track was.


Hopes were high with Outpost, it was aggressive and just kept coming. The Tunnel wasn't bad and Triathlon was a pretty good mover also. After that though...whew. 3.25 rating on Discogs?


That is one pretty liberal f*cking curve.



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