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Avalon - The Remixes Volume One


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Artist: Various

Title: Avalon - The Remixes Volume One

Label: Nano Records

Date: October, 2012


1. Final Transmission (Zen Mechanics rmx)
2. Funky Voodoo (Captain Hook rmx)
3. Stinkin Warehouse (Loud rmx)
4. Aggressive Progressive (Burn In Noise rmx)
5. Destiny Awaits (Cosmosis rmx)
6. Teleporter (Laughing Buddha rmx)
7. Out There (Tristan rmx)
8. Swamp Funk (Master Blasters rmx)
9. Distant Futures (Dickster rmx)
10. Into The New World (Sonic Species rmx)


"Insanity is wasting your life as a nothing. Insanity is being sh*t on...beat down. Coasting through life on a miserable existence when you have a caged lion locked inside and the key to release it."


This is Leon Kane from the land of soccer hooligans and tasteless food and he was kind enough to let a bunch of full-on producers have his way with his tracks like Michael Jackson did with Corey Feldman. It's ok kid. It's not your fault. But the sooner you come clean the sooner you can put away the zipper jackets and stop moonwalking. It's over, he's gone. He can't hurt you anymore.


The results are predictable. Most of the tracks originate from Leon's terrific debut album Distant Futures. Normally I hate remix albums because I have to round up all the original tracks and see if they actually did a remix. Which inevitably leads to way more f word than my wife is comfortable with these days. But not this time. Nope, from now on I'll treat it as just another compilation. So if a track blows it just blows. Own it.


Let's start with the bad. The Captain Hook remix is annoyingly terrible. Loud takes a track from the great Tales of Heads compilation and deconstructs it, turning it into a disjointed and unfocused mess. The Cosmosis remix uses a great sample and does nothing with it relegating this track to autopilot. Destination...generic full-on town. While you're there say hello to Chromatone for me. Whew, what happened there? And your ears do not deceive you, that was a Matrix sample on the Sonic Species remix. Was it in the original? I don't know I told you I wasn't going back. He left it in there so now he owns it. Look I love that movie too, but how long are we gonna beat that horse?


But lo, there were beacons of hope. Lucas does what Lucas does and delivers a layered and flashy gurgler a la God Save The Machine. The Burn In Noise remix shines bright in the goa sun. A definite scorcher. The Tristan and Laughing Buddha remixes were solid full-on stuff that didn't flatten the house, but some windows were smashed and the dog bowl was knocked over.


I liked the debut album from Avalon as I previously mentioned. It was complex and ever evolving. The Nano Records feel is with this. The power, the sounds, and the mechanical mayhem at a rapid pace. But for the most part it falls short and is just a collection of slightly better than mediocre full-on remixes.


One thing I wanted to mention because it confused me. You could by the CD from Psyshop and get 10 tracks or you could buy the digital download from Nano cheaper and get 13 tracks. On what planet does that make sense? Shouldn't you reward someone who actually purchases the CD? Now maybe it's one of those things where you get a key to the extra tracks once you get the CD, I dunno. But I haven't been able to confirm that. Still the way that album went, you might wanna tell them to keep the extra three tracks.







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