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"V/A - Art From The Heart"

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Artist: Various

Title: Art From The Heart

Label: Old Is Gold

Date: September, 2009


1. Adrenalin Drum - Tribute To Irvin Prusky

2. NK 47 & The Wonderboy - VVCephei

3. Project Cosmonaut - Over The Sun

4. The Wonderboy - Dedication To God

5. Jikooha - Spirit of Fire

6. Afgin - Apollo 11 (The Eagle Has Landed)

7. Har-El & The Wonderboy - L.S.DRise

8. NK 47 - Yatush Katan

9. Har-El - Vacation In Paradise

10. Apis - Le Voyage Dans Ce Qui Existe



Old is Gold is a digital label that was in front of the new school goa trance wave. They had some really good success with the Golden Vibes compilations so they decided to launch another series. Mostly Israeli artists this has some new stuff and some older unreleased material.


Tribute To Irvin Prusky- "What are you doing? We don't stop here?"


Har-El crafts a floating, melancholy track which I'm guessing he's dedicating to a relative. Good opener.


VV Cephei- "It's very addictive...there's nothing that feels like that."


Said every bored kid in the back of English class with a low clearance desk ever. In the artists who fell off the face of the planet segment I bring you NK-47. After a promising EP my boy has had his picture posted at all Wal-Mart entrances. What happened to him? This is layered wobbly goa goodness. He goes from minimalistic to Indian melody scales and everywhere in between. Do we need to hold a candlelight vigil?


Over the Sun- Ok, two minutes in and I was bored.


Dedication To God- "You know, I was like you. But the first thing I learned about emotions...is that it has its price. Complete paradox. But without restraint, without control..."


Wow give us a chance to miss you Har-El it's only been two tracks. There are a lot of hippie samples in this one attempting to be enlightening. Artists need to treat them like ice cream. I like a lot of flavors too, but not at the same time. Show a little restraint. The melodies are very simple and patchwork, bordering on been there, done that.


Spirit of Fire- So stereotypical. Bring in the Asian when you have a difficult problem you can't solve. Or when there is a need for tentacle porn. But back to the problem. The problem was that this compilation was in real danger of tanking, so Jikooha flies in to save the day. His style is to hammer away with a discordant and incessant melody while building around it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I don't know if he saved it, but he bought some valuable time and kept it afloat.


Apollo 11 (The Eagle Has Landed)-




Even back in 2009 you could see where Afgin was taking his brand of melodic goa trance. This might even be an old track. Very tight production and the class of the compilation.


L.S.DRise- Light and airy it's easily my favorite Har-El track here. Not very complex (I think he likes to keep it simple) just gentle and warming. I know I haven't been kind to Mr. Prusky, but credit where credit is due.


Yatush Katan- Beginning with what simply must be called Indian wailing I get that smile on my face as Nadav proceeds to go layer crazy. I swear Bollywood singers have a permanent vibrato. This track has melodies that tumble over each other to be heard.


Vacation In Paradise- "The DJ's take pills to stay awake for seven days."


And don't forget the ones for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Oh and that little blue one. Another Har-El effort with a very housey sample. repeated over. And over. Yes I get it. It's your house. And enough about the DJ's and their prescription drug habit. How the hell can a six minute track feel like 12? This track saved this compilation from being woefully average the same way you would save a drowning man by throwing him a piano.


Le Voyage Dans Ce Qui Existe- Part two of whatever happened to that guy with a solid closer. It bubbles and makes for some good head nodding. So why does it end abruptly like someone pulled the plug?



Let's call it what it is. A very average compilation. A couple of great tracks, a few good ones and then a f*ckton of filler. At least the cover for this one wasn't as bad as the sequel.



Free at Ektoplazm



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