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"V/A - Gaia 10"


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Artist: Various

Title: Gaia 10

Label: Gaia Tontrager

Date: 1996


1. Evolution - Warriors of Light

2. X-Dream - Psychoactivity

3. Neuwerk - Psylo 31

4. Morphem - My Plan

5. Electirc Universe - Orange Night

6. Hara Gobi - 303 Gold

7. Star Sound Orchestra - I.C.P.

8. The Pollinator - Parent Plant III

9. Planet B.E.N. - Screw Driver

10. After Sunset - Oriental Fantasy


This label was started by Andreas Roll (half of Evolution), but went belly up in 2001. Somehow I came across this and noticed right away how putrid the cover was. Like a suspicious girl searching your browser history...I had to find out what was in there.




"Aw, hell no! Now who da f*k is dat b*tch?"


Boston strong? Try hood rat skrong.



Warriors of Light- Good layers and sharp leads. Great way to open.


Psychoactivity- Quintessential goa that doesn't overpower, but delivers a kill shot right to the ears.


Psylo 31- The name just screams German techno, but it's a wicked little surprise that brings the two genres together.


My Plan- If his plan was to create a track with more bite than an Australian shark then he succeeded.


Orange Night- Remember when Boris made awesome goa trance? Wait...the same guy that unleashed Higher Modes? Of course I don't remember I was in my twenties and who the f*ck remembers that?


303 Gold- This compilation is sweet! Wonder where the speed bumps are?




Ah, there it is. More like...303 pewter.



I.C.P.- Never been a big fan of this project and this does nothing to change that.


Parent Plant III- This had some nice bounce to it, but I would've liked it a lot more without all the annoying whispering. Wanna whisper? Go to the library.


Screw Driver- Even without stacks of melody this is head nodding goa trance.


Oriental Fantasies-




Go nuts Asian business man. I don't get it.



Flying under the radar, there are some good goa tracks here and the flow is very nice. Recommended.



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