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Scopes - Digilog EP


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Artist: Scopes

Title: Digilog EP

Label: Psyderweb Records

Date: July, 2012


01 - Eyes Closed (72.5 BPM)
02 - Tatanka (64 BPM)
03 - Suddenly (66 BPM)
04 - Tools (69 BPM)
05 - Old Fashioned Air (63.5 BPM)
Last I heard from Dutchman Marcel Hartholt was his Glass of Water EP from 2011. It was a nice glass of water and with his latest he's keeping the bpm's low. Which is good because stoners can't follow high bpm's. They just get lost and start spinning in circles. And this is stoner music.
Moving at breakneck speed (holy sh*t we just got passed by an old lady with a walker!) if you were a sloth or a turtle walking on quicksand this must sound epic and incredible if augmented with drugs. That part of my life was over long ago so now I'm just like...get to the f*cking point already! Is it just me or is it funny that one of the tracks is called Suddenly? Suddenly implies rapidity, something decidedly absent from this release. This is a Tarantino flick where the drug deal goes bad and the doors burst open with guns blazing in super slo mo. Nah...I got it.
Porn music.
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