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HelixNebula - Trip To Infinity

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Artist: HelixNeubla

Title: Trip To Infinity

Label: Gliese 581C

Date: December, 2011


01 - HelixNebula - Off The Ground (148 BPM)
02 - HelixNebula - Diving In Positive Energy (145 BPM)
03 - HelixNebula - Trip To Infinity (142 BPM)
04 - HelixNebula - Through Space, Through Time... (147 BPM)
05 - HelixNebula - Beyond Boundaries Of Human Imagination (145 BPM)
06 - HelixNebula - Helix Nebula (140 BPM)
07 - HelixNebula - Silicon Galaxy (145 BPM)
08 - HelixNebula - Dancing World (148 BPM)
09 - MentalImage - Mental Spores (115 BPM)
"I hardly need to sleep anymore, I feel wonderful! It's like a drug, but a perfectly pure and benign drug!"


Coffee. He's talking about coffee. Or ex. Maybe it's, no definitely ex.
This is the rush I get when I watch women's tennis. That's not really true. I only watch it for the booty shorts and Serena's boobs.
Don't judge me.
I'm watching Serena play this chick from Kaz...Kazak...uz beki beki stan and she's ripping this poor chick apart like that pic of the baby obliterating a smurf. Look it up. It wasn't even close. I think she had 4 serves in a row where the chick didn't even make contact. Throw in the fact that if you compare physiques it's like Kate Moss vs. a linebacker and you've got a bona fide disaster movie in the making. Which leads me to one inexorable conclusion.
I'm terrified of Serena Williams.
HelixNebula is Russian Stanislav Tiptsov and you may be aware of his other project MentalImage (also one that doesn't believe in the use of the space bar). I downloaded this because Basilisk put Goa in the description.


This is full on all the way. It's not bad, but I no longer have any patience for this type of music. It's very melodic so he scores points there. Especially at one in the morning. Most of it is competent full on except Silicon Galaxy which is truly an insult to horrible. Bright spot? The final track is a pretty good bit of psy business under his other alias.
And holy sh*t did he use the Astral Projection spice sample?
Yes he did.
Dude. These days it's easy to pick on Astal and Lord knows I've done my fair share, but where the hell is your sample etiquette? This is his take on the Astral classic and it would fit in with the stuff on Ten. Remember what an unholy sacrilege that was? Many a virgin had to be sacrificed to atone for that blasphemy let me tell you. So if you like melodic full on then this is for you. Not for me. I have to build a bomb shelter capable of withstanding a level 5 Serena home invasion.

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