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V/A - Turlitava 2 (Compiled by Anub1s) Neogoa, 2013

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FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.ektoplazm.com/free-music/turlitava-2

Since the first highly acclaimed Turlitava compilation was released in September 2011, Darko Kolevski, aka Anub1s, has worked very hard to create a worthy sequel. Now in 2013, Neogoa and Anub1s are again pushing the boundaries to give you a unique journey into the spheres of ambient and psychedelic chillout music. Turlitava 2 as a whole presents a diversity of styles that will guide you through different soundscapes and moods, and each track rewards the listener with clear and vivid storytelling. Mastering by Stryder at Beavernest Atop Studios, with artwork by iPsy at Neogoa Design.

TRACK ONE: Small Mountain
Written and produced by DIAMAT (GREECE)
TRACK TWO: Lake Travel
Written and produced by PATRICK ABOS and YOANNA NICOLA (FRANCE)
TRACK THREE: Nymphaea Alba
Written and produced by BJORN ALPHA (GREECE)
Guitars by Panagiotis Mavrakis, Djembe by Charalampos Simianakis
TRACK FOUR: Arising And Passing Away
Written and produced by ALBERT SULTANOV (RUSSIA)
TRACK FIVE: Beyond The Illusion Of Life
Written and produced by JP ILLUSION and SONIC CRIME (GREECE)
Co-produced with YECHIDAH (PORTUGAL)
TRACK SIX: Tibetian Prayer
Written and produced by ANTONIO SIMONOVSKI (MACEDONIA)
TRACK SEVEN: Life Is Only A Dream
Written and produced by IVAN UZDYAEV (RUSSIA)
TRACK NINE Signals To Paradise (Chill Out Mix)
Written and produced by ALEX LYTVYN (CANADA)
Written and produced by SVEN FOLKERTS (NETHERLANDS)



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Another downtempo treat from Neogoa this summer. Wonderful collection of chill-out beats from Greece, France, Canada, Macedonia, Russia, Portugal and Netherlands, complied and selected by Anub1s. Coming in 2nd half/late August for FREE DOWNLOAD at Ektoplazm! Here are the tracklist and other details:



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