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Artist: Flembaz

Title: Magic Mint EP

Label: Blind Arc

Date: March, 2013


1. The Playground

2. Magic Mint Feat. Filipe Teixeira

3. Bridging Time


Who the hell are these guys?


Kudos to Ekto for hosting this EP. The sounds are crisp and the melodies...wow. The Playground puts you in the streets of Delhi with a beautiful sitar melody that's as fresh as daisies. So wonderfully ethnic, but far from predictable. It's not often that I praise the guitar in our music (read never), but the one on Magic Mint felt as if it were being played right next to me. Common threads are the warm basses and the clarity of the production. Even with all this atmosphere it is eminently danceable and thought provoking at the same time. Excellent job!



Free at Ektoplazm



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completely agree with what was written. progressive techno rarely so nice, great musicality, and Magic Mint is a beautiful track. don't forget to check out also their second EP Prompt, it's in the same vein and offers brilliant proghouse. i'm waiting for more...

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