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Goa and pandora radio

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I'm on an iPhone 5 so if someone can recommend a better app I'm all about it. It's not jail broken so that route won't help. All I know about is pandora and I can't find any goa. When you put in astral projection all these cheesey club trance tracks follow. I know when I put in alien project I would get some full on but better than nothing. Gms worked for a while. If you guys and gals know something I don't please feel free to let me in on it

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I just downloaded di.fm. This is magic to me. Thank you so much. I got at least another month of workouts covered.

I've been a member of DI.FM since 2003. if you feel like accessing their forums, you must now enter into your browser forums.di.fm or old.di.fm since they recently redisigned the site and it no longer links to the community. This can help you find possible tracklists for mixes if a tracklist was provided.

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