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Artist: Various

Title: The Remixes EP

Label: Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Date: September, 2012


1. Psychedelic Future (Phaxe Remix)

2. Chameleon (Nerso Remix)

3. 7th Sense (Side Effects Remix)

4. Eastern Fantasy (Lyctum Remix)



Not to be a dick, but shouldn't you be a household name before you present an EP or album of remixes? Was anyone really waiting for the Sideform Remixes?


That being said I'll be waiting for the next one. Sideform are Serbians Drasko Radovanovic and Milos Modrinic with a fantastic quartet of remixes that are just chock full of atmosphere generating effects. Deep and multi-layered beauty with melodies that seem to float right before your eyes. I've never heard any of these songs so I treat them like brand new tracks. Don't know who invited the Danish kid to this Serbian party, but his track is also quite good. The stars for me were the Nerso and Lyctum remixes...pure poetry. Wide open melodic progressive with a dark feel just the way I like it.


Reco - f*cking - mmended.





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