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Flict - Explorers EP


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Artist: Flict

Title: Explorers EP

Label: Self-Released

Date: April, 2012


01 - Explorers (55 BPM)
02 - Against The Wind (75 BPM)
03 - To-And-Fro (80 BPM)
04 - Starlight (80 BPM)


I had been meaning to get to this one a while ago, but it just kept getting pushed back. This is Dan Flict who released his debut Explorers back in 2009 so I guess this was just a refresher so more people could give it a listen. The first track is a deep journey to the bottom of the sea interacting with creatures in their native environment. Slow like bubbles rising from your scuba gear. Against the Wind is more slow motion turtle movements and dreamy views below a hazy ocean.


To-And-Fro sees the first steady beat appear and Buddhist like monk chants echo deeply beneath the sea. Didn't connect as well with this one. The final track Starlight puts a picture of light on a nighttime sea as dubby bass hums against weird human noises. Odd.


He's good at creating textures and deep feeling ambient with a liquid and bubbly quality. At least with this release. Hope he is still producing music.


Free At Ektoplazm



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