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V/A Vibraspirit 23/7, SunDance Records

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SunDance, the record label that has refined its talent for digging up unique sounds from the underground and enabling them to shine on dance floors across the globe.

Vibraspirit 23/7 is SunDance Records 8th compilation in the series and continues to sidestep the mainstream by selecting music that unifies emotion and experience to transcend the mundane and uplift the spirit.

Vibraspirit 23/7 contains a selection of tracks with a highly unique sound that can work for both morning and night and every hour in between.

Listeners can expect to be reacquainted with the classical heights of Serbia's TALPA along with other masters from Europe SIENIS and MIND PORTAL. With the unmistakable sounds of Israeli artists RAZ, GATIMO, ECHODELIC, CLAUSTROPHOBIA and ORGANIC SOUP. SunDance also welcomes to the label the powerfully driven track created by the acclaimed South African artist TICKETS vs DISTANT TOUCH and, finally, the sounds of upcoming artist ELSEWHERE, XYSCO vs DEANICH provide an uplifting experience that will take you out on a feel-good high.

Vibraspirit – 23/7

SunDance Records – SUNDCD045

Artist: Various

Title: Vibraspirit 23/7

Label: SunDance Records

Cat No: SUNDCD045

Format: Jewel Case

Release date: April - 2013

1. Talpa - Remorse

W. & P. by Goran Juric, Serbia.

2. Sienis - Unchanger

W. & P. by Eki Jokisalo, Sweden.

3. Claustrophobia - GreenPitch

W. & P. by Yosi Avneri & Ori Rubin, Israel.

4. Mind Portal - The Myth of Orpheus

W. & P. by Boris Hoechstetter, France.

5. Raz - Crawler

W. & P. by Raz Kfir, Israel.

6. Tickets & Distant Touch - Deep Blue Sea

W. & P. by Josef-Ashton Summs & Ashley MacLaughlin

@ Tickets Creations Studios, South Africa.

7. Organic Soup - Planet Blackout

W. & P. by Ariel Orshansky, Israel.

8. GaTimo - ImageNation

W. & P. by Timor Prasov & Gal Kanias, Israel.

9. Xysco Vs DeaNich - Psychopate

W. & P. by Barak Maimon & Dean Miller, Israel.

10. Echodelic - Balagan In My Head

W. & P. by Ron Vaknin, Israel.

11. Elsewhere - Blissful Creatures

W. & P. by Niv Cohen & Ran Ben Shlomo, Israel.

Mastering By: Felix Greenlees @ Fractal Sound Studios, Australia.

Artwork By: Arian Christopher

Compiled By: Fil & Franny

Release date: 29th April

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Sounds sweet! Love Talpa and Sienis!

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